October 9 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"A ___ technicality!"MERE
"You're excused"NOHARMNOFOUL
2008 financial crisis phraseTOOBIGTOFAIL
Alphabetically last Arab League nationYEMEN
Announcer's assetVOICE
Any Buddy Holly tune, nowOLDIE
Any of the Rice Krispies mascotsELF
Arthur of "The Golden Girls"BEA
Athletic types, slangilyJOCKS
Au naturelNUDE
Avis offeringCAR
Barbells userLIFTER
Be crazy aboutEATUP
Be dishonest withLIETO
Biblical visitor to AraratNOAH
Bryce Canyon's stateUTAH
Business school subjECON
Casual topTSHIRT
Cleanup personJANITOR
Coral Sea hazardREEF
Cuddly Australian marsupialKOALA
Dazed and confusedINAFOG
Enthusiastic spiritELAN
Event with jesters and joustersMEDIEVALFAIR
Fail to includeLEAVEOUT
Fawn bearerDOE
Gardener's groundbreakerSPADE
Google search listSITES
Grimm Brothers' collectionTALES
Hang in a hammockREST
Hijab wearer's faithISLAM
Hulking Himalayan legendYETI
Idina Menzel's "Frozen" roleELSA
Impediments to teamwork, oftenEGOS
Invites to a rooftop party, sayHASUP
Joke around withKID
Kindling maker's toolAXE
Landing gear itemTIRE
Like a fox, it's saidSLY
Like DilbertNERDY
Make a pickOPT
Maple yieldSAP
Military uniform materialSERGE
No longer caring aboutOVER
Not stagedREAL
Not-so-subtle summonsHEY
Pacific Rim continentASIA
Pampered, in a waySPOONFED
Perfectly putAPT
Prez before JackIKE
Professor ___ (suspect in Clue)PLUM
Radiate, as vibesEXUDE
Range in "Heidi"ALPS
Replacements for marks and pesetasEUROS
Rockies ski resortVAIL
Rural towerSILO
Salad bar morselOLIVE
Search for goldPAN
Seeks restitution fromSUES
Serve a purpose toAVAIL
Slangy "I'll pass"NAH
Smoocher's pairLIPS
Stitched edgeHEM
Strauss of denimLEVI
Strips of weaponsUNARMS
Stud farm motherMARE
Subtle summonsPSST
Sun worshippers of ancient PeruINCAS
Supply a spread forCATER
Tear into, as a packageRIPOPEN
Threw for a loopFAZED
Time to be abstinentLENT
Turned to rubbleRAZED
Woman in Progressive adsFLO
Word after tidy or paltrySUM
Wray of "King Kong"FAY
Yukon Quest transportSLED