November 22 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Akira" movie genreANIME
"As You Like It" forest settingARDEN
"Flavor" singer ToriAMOS
"Hmmm . . ."LETSSEE
"Ray Donovan" channel, brieflySHO
"Strangers in the Night" singerSINATRA
"That's plenty for me"IMSET
"The Hot Zone" virusEBOLA
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" author CarleERIC
''Who shot J.R.?'' seriesDALLAS
A party toINON
All tuckered outSPENT
Anderson who directed "The Grand Budapest Hotel"WES
As we speakATPRESENT
Bit of scuba gearHOSE
Border collie's chargesHERD
Branch of yoga with physical exercisesHATHA
Capital with the Kon-Tiki MuseumOSLO
Casey, the first manager of the MetsSTENGEL
Caused injury toHARMED
Closet eater's supplySTASH
Colorado ski meccaASPEN
Colorful carp in backyard pondsKOI
Dubai dignitaryEMIR
Dutch cheese that doesn't spoilEDAM
Easy-to-dupe sortSAP
Ed of "Lou Grant"ASNER
Effect of lunar gravityTIDE
Evidence of spoilageODOR
Exxon merger partnerMOBIL
Frat party get-upTOGA
Game with Skip and Reverse cardsUNO
Get down to fighting weight, maybeDIET
Get stuck on a sandbar, perhapsRUNAGROUND
Hexahedron or cylinderSHAPE
Hit a sour note, e.gERR
Inoculated fluidsSERA
iPad owner's readEMAG
It may be bounced off someoneIDEA
It's measured in megs or gigsRAM
Italian car with a trident logoMASERATI
Kindergartner's goopPASTE
Lesley of "60 Minutes"STAHL
Lexicographer WebsterNOAH
Like many car radiosAMFM
Like many flood-prone areasCOASTAL
Like many lottery winnersRICH
Lock oneself in, in a wayBOLTTHEDOOR
Lois of the Daily PlanetLANE
Louvre Pyramid architectIMPEI
Magician's "I did it!"TADA
Marlins' homeMIAMI
Necessitate spot cleaning, perhapsLEAVEASTAIN
On the brinyASEA
Org. with Lions, but not TigersNFL
Papa John's fixtureOVEN
Paranormal gift, for shortESP
Part of MoMAART
Part of some chainsSTORE
Period of economic growthBOOM
Place of Napoleon's first exileELBA
Portrayer of Pierce and VinickALDA
Quill pen pointNIB
Ready for customersOPEN
Rice who writes of vampiresANNE
SAT ___ (Kaplan course)PREP
Show sorrowSHEDATEAR
Sub sinkers, slangilyASHCANS
Sweat the small stuffSPLITHAIRS
Take advantage ofUSE
The three in carbon dioxideATOMS
Tobago's neighborTRINIDAD
Underground workplaceMINE
Where Adam and Eve rebelledEDEN
Wife of ZeusHERA
Young kiltiesLADS