November 20 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Awesome!" onceRAD
"The Matrix" heroNEO
Brazilian beach city, brieflyRIO
Calligraphy, e.gART
Chain outlet with a red-and-white logoTARGETSTORE
Cobble or patchMEND
Criminal's flightLAM
Diplomatic skillFINESSE
Distribution chain's terminusENDCONSUMER
Dog breed with a curly tailAKITA
Doing perfectlyACING
Drink at a darts tournament, perhapsALE
Drops, as weightSHEDS orgEPA
First 30-day monthAPRIL
For all to seeOPENLY
Gives maximum effortSTRIVES
Grenade partPIN
Hangs on the lineDRIES
Hybrid sports garmentSKORT
In need of hoeingWEEDY
In positionREADY
Insults with a one-linerZINGS
Jungle swingerAPE
Keep moist, in a wayBASTE
Kitchen adjunct, or its furnitureDINETTE
Lessen in strengthABATE
Like a bassoon's soundREEDY
Like many cakes at banquetsTIERED
Like the air around Niagara FallsMISTY
Liquor in planter's punchRUM
Mambo or moonwalkDANCE
Many pay periodsWEEKS
Meditative sect of BuddhismZEN
Message that may be autocorrectedTEXT
Ministry activityMISSIONWORK
Most squigglyWAVIEST
Mud wallow's placeSTY
Neckwear securersTIETACKS
Newsboy's cry of yoreEXTRA
NFL highlight reel featuresTDS
Nile wadersIBISES
On the pinnacle ofATOP
One in a fender-benderCAR
Oz woodman's makeupTIN
Pastel blue hueAQUA
Play in which "robot" was coinedRUR
Pooh's feline palTIGGER
Producer of annoying pop-upsADWARE
Provides, as aidLENDS
Quick visual inspectionLOOKSEE
Refuge from a biblical floodARK
Regional plant lifeFLORA
Result of a conviction, oftenSENTENCE
Result of a hung juryRETRIAL
River of HadesSTYX
Rockies grazerELK
Roller on a dinner platePEA
Sam's instrument in "Casablanca"PIANO
Seedy centersCORES
Seeker of secretsSPY
Shining exampleIDEAL
Site selling handmade goodsETSY
Spouting sea creatureWHALE
Starting ingredients in some cake battersMIXES
Steadfast gazeINTENTSTARE
Subj. with a lab, oftenSCI
Sun worshipper of PeruINCA
Tablets featuring SiriIPADS
Twisty section of a roadESS
Vendors' spotsMARTS
Wahine's accessoryLEI
Wintry chillsNIPS
Word before mill or rummyGIN
Words after "You can't fire me!"IQUIT
Written assault on one's reputationLIBEL