July 20 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Exodus" hero ___ Ben CanaanARI
"Ghostbusters" gunkSLIME
"Holy" cityTOLEDO
"The Big Easy" of pro golfELS
"___ Hate Me" (Spike Lee movie)SHE
"___ Only Just Begun" (Carpenters hit)WEVE
Act the epicureDINE
Add to the staffHIRE
Any of the SimpsonsTOON
Beachgoer's acquisitionTAN
Beer following a shotCHASER
Bit of angling gearREEL
Brandy bottle lettersVSOP
Cheese at pizza parlorsPARMESAN
Civilian garbMUFTI
Diminutive in rappers' namesLIL
Elusive HimalayansYETIS
Eris' pathORBIT
Fernando of "The French Connection"REY
Finish second, perhapsLOSE
Flattery in verseODE
Floored itSPED
Forty-niner's pay dirtORE
Give a "big hair" look toTEASE
Give or takeABOUT
Gridder-turned-actor BradshawTERRY
Grow like ivyCREEP
Harder to believe, as tales goTALLER
Herb with a licoricelike flavorFENNEL
Jogger's source of music, perhapsIPOD
Just for Men offeringDYE
Let out a sigh, sayEXHALE
Like Sen. SandersIND
Many-___ (multicolored)HUED
Merino mothersEWES
Monopoly deed figureRENT
Name in polo shirtsIZOD
Nodding off, maybeSLEEPY
Number on a driverONE
Offspring of GaiaTITANS
Owner of an infamous cowOLEARY
Part of a drum kitTOMTOM
Partner of craftsARTS
Perfected, as a skillHONED
Places for rubber duckiesBATHS
Popular vodka brand, for shortSTOLI
Prefix meaning "modern"NEO
Prince Harry's alma materETON
Put coins into, as a meterFED
Quinnipiac surveysPOLLS
Result of a sac flyRBI
Right on the moneyEXACT
River through CataloniaEBRO
Rogue computer of sci-fiHAL
Roll call notationABSENT
Sax type played by ClintonTENOR
Skein shapesVEES
Sloppy digsSTY
Started a handDEALT
Suffix with lion or baronESS
Takes measuresACTS
Telegram sentence enderSTOP
Theme song from "The Quiet Man"ISLEOFINNISFREE
Tom of "State Fair"EWELL
Turntable needNEEDLE
Unit symbolized by an omegaOHM
Useful data, brieflyINFO
Vice ___VERSA
Went kaputDIED
Went underground, in a wayHIDOUT
Where a sailboat may run agroundLEESHORE
Where to find Eggo wafflesFROZENFOODAISLE
Woody Herman's "___ Autumn"TIS
Word after bitter or deadEND
___ a soul (no one)NARY
___ off (wrote hurriedly)DASHED