January 31 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

January 31 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"I'm ___ mood to argue"INNO
"The Taming of the Shrew" cityPADUA
"Well, duh!"NOWONDER
Add fertilizer toENRICH
Annoying pop-upsADS
Appetite-whetting alluresAROMAS
Apple introduction of 2001ITUNES
At the zenith ofATOP
Bagel filler, perhapsNOVASCOTIALOX
Ballerina's wearTIGHTS
Between portsASEA
Bread with falafelPITA
Bush 41 and 43, to YaleALUMNI
Bynes of "Hairspray"AMANDA
Carry the pigskinRUSH
Channel that airs B&W filmsTCM
Come down in sheetsTEEM
Cut back, as expensesPARE
Dapper dude?DAN
Didn't keep mumTOLD
Do a slow burnFUME
Do penanceATONE
Fence picketsPALES
Grammarian's concernUSAGE
Gun designer ___ GalUZI
Handle crudelyPAW
Helps with a heistABETS
Hero's bestowalMEDAL
Home to all but one MLB teamUSA
Huff and puffPANT
Jersey utteranceMOO
Key underlingCOG
Least stringentLAXEST
Leave speechlessAWE
Lomond and othersHIGHLANDLOCHS
Make weakerDILUTE
Mars rover orgNASA
Medically induced condition, maybeCOMA
Military bigwigBRASSHAT
Mind-numbing routineRUT
Mrs. Mitt RomneyANN
Nest egg lettersIRA
Not very manyAFEW
Oktoberfest quaffALE
One side in sports negotiationsOWNERS
Orange juice componentPULP
Particles with + or - symbolsIONS
Poetic palindromeERE
Pueblo bricksADOBES
Rail-riding wandererHOBO
Really enjoysLAPSUP
Results of most pop fliesOUTS
Right out of the boxNEW
Salt's "Halt!"AVAST
Serving with sauerkrautWURST
Shrine Game sideWEST
Singer with a five-octave-plus rangeYMASUMAC
Solemn assentAMEN
Some JFK guessesETAS
Source of clean energySUN
Standing O, sayAPPLAUSE
Stupefy, slangilyZONK
Think tank productIDEA
Wardrobe ruinerMOTH
Wayne of Wayne ManorBRUCE
Word before "Liftoff!"ONE
Word before bull or crossPAPAL
Words at the watercooler, maybeRUMOR
Worked like RumpelstiltskinSPUN
Yin/yang principleTAO
Zap with a stun gunTASE
___ Canyon (Utah attraction)BRYCE
___ DhabiABU