December 9 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Lemon Tree" singerTRINILOPEZ
"Spring Breakers" actressSELENAGOMEZ
"White Men Can't Jump" actressROSIEPEREZ
"___ Town" (Wilder play)OUR
Activist for farm workersCESARCHAVEZ
Alt-rock band Better Than ___EZRA
Attention-getting cryHEY
Barbecue spice mixRUB
Baseball's major leagues, informallyTHEBIGS
Begin to awakenSTIR
Bit of body ink, informallyTAT
Blight on the landscapeEYESORE
Boomers' kids, brieflyXERS
Cabriolets of autodomAUDIS
Cagney's TV police partnerLACEY
Carry out, as ordersOBEY
Chancellorsville soldier, for shortREB
Cleveland NBAersCAVS
Close behind, as a dogATHEEL
Contents of a steakhouse doggy bagTBONE
Courtroom affirmationIDO
Create a PDF from, perhapsSCAN
Deuce topperTREY
Divided differently, as city landREZONED
Eggs on canapesROE
Fall foliage hueOCHER
Fare in a pigstySLOP
Fixed, as wicker chairsCANED
Food Network host GuyFIERI
From the topANEW
Get via trickeryFINAGLE
GPA-spoiling gradesDEES
Higher in rank thanABOVE
Ichabod of Sleepy HollowCRANE
In ___ land (spaced out)LALA
Intense angerIRE
Intensified, with "up"AMPED
IRA-establishing legislationERISA
Landfill emanationsODORS
Lead-up to a holidayEVE
Like a buttinskyNOSY
Makes copies of, in a wayXEROXES
Marital skirmishSPAT
MMA fight localeCAGE
Mrs., south of the borderSRA
Object of a fan's devotionIDOL
One end of a No. 2ERASER
One unlikely to mingleLONER
Outdated, in a dictOBS
Prefix with present or directionalOMNI
Radio static, e.gNOISE
Reputation, slangilyCRED
Result of many a three-puttBOGEY
Ruark title that means "freedom" in SwahiliUHURU
Secure at a dockMOOR
Serving no alcoholDRY
Showing little emotionSTOIC
Sightings of concern to ufologists, brieflySAUCERS
Slangy response to "Why?"CUZ
Smoked or salted, as hamCURED
Spacewalks, for shortEVAS
Starbucks workerBARISTA
Take a shellackingLOSE
Target of an antisepticGERM
Three-time foe of FrazierALI
Tour de France, e.gRACE
Under oath, in courtSWORNIN
Unfinished, as furnitureBARE
Valuable findTROVE
Watch company with a crown logoROLEX
Way to serve pie or cakeALAMODE
Went on an Audubon Society field trip, sayBIRDED
___ bin (hockey penalty box, slangily)SIN
___ fide (genuine)BONA
___ Mayer (Wienermobile company)OSCAR
___ Mets (Hispanic Heritage Night team)LOS
___ torte (pastry with a lattice design)LINZER