August 18 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Buzz off!"SHOO
"One more thing . . ."AND
2014 Russell Crowe title roleNOAH
Add to the kittyANTE
Alfa Romeo alternativeFIAT
Antiquing substanceAGER
Apt name for a Dalmatian?SPOT
Arachnophobe's fearSPIDERS
Attila's hordeHUNS
Being from a distant worldALIEN
Bench-clearing brawlMELEE
Brick-shaped candyPEZ
Browns in a boothTANS
Centers of local governmentCOUNTYSEATS
Chuck-a-luck cubeDIE
Condiment in Indian cuisineCHUTNEY
Cosines' reciprocalsSECANTS
Deceptive tactic, of sortsSMOKESCREEN
Dethrone, sayOUST
Draw a comparisonLIKEN
Easily stowable bedFUTON
Fault plane phenomenonQUAKE
Flew into hystericsRAGED
Fortune-teller's phraseISEE
Get rid of, Soviet-stylePURGE
Gives a boost toAIDS
Group of eightOCTAD
Hammerhead partsPEENS
Hard-to-resist impulseURGE
Harrelson of the Miracle MetsBUDDY
Hershey's toffee barSKOR
Injuries treated with iceSPRAINS
Irish poet with "a fanatic's heart"YEATS
Lindbergh flight directionEAST
Mistake-canceling commandUNDO
Morning anchor LauerMATT
Mr. Peanut's expressionGRIN
Nary a soulNOONE
Occupying first, sayONBASE
Olympic pool pathsLANES
One-on-one with the pope, sayPRIVATEAUDIENCE
Opera segmentACT
Pack down firmlyTAMP
Paul who sang "Puppy Love"ANKA
Persuade with flatteryCOAX
Pigeon entreeSQUAB
Place to get a 48-Down, perhapsIKEA
Places to plantBEDS
Rapunzel's "ladder"HAIR
Razor, for 36-AcrossPROP
Ready for an attack, sayALERT
Reduce to rubbleRAZE
Respond to "Give it up for the band!"CLAP
Rural skyline featureSILO
Rush-order lettersASAP
Santa's burdenSACK
Selection before "Copy" or "Cut"EDIT
Show with product demosEXPO
Sign awayCEDE
Sniper's garb, brieflyCAMO
Some Motorola waresPHONES
Stands guard overPROTECTS
Steam upRILE
Superhero creator StanLEE
Susan of "L.A. Law"DEY
Sweeney the barberTODD
Symbol of generosityOPENHAND
Tidy sum of cashPILE
Title for a baronessLADY
Uncool sortsGEEKS
Volume boosterAMP
Ward offAVERT
What you "come and get"EATS
Word after passion or powerPLAY
___ latte (Starbucks order)CHAI