August 17 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"All ___ being equal . . ."ELSE
"C'mon in!"ENTER
"Who's Who" entries, brieflyBIOS
"Wild" area years pastWEST
"You, there!"HEY
33-Down, in rock 'n' roll historyICON
Arsenal stock, brieflyAMMO
Auction assentsNODS
Basketball's Wilt "The ___" ChamberlainSTILT
Be a bratACTUP
Bigoted sortsHATERS
Bootblack's offeringSHINE
Bryce Harper was MLB's first overall in 2010DRAFTSELECTION
Business card datumTELEPHONENUMBER
Chemical in drain uncloggersLYE
Chuck who sang "Johnny B. Goode"BERRY
Coin depicting FranklinFIFTYCENTPIECE
Cream of the cropELITE
Crow's-nests' placesMASTS
Daily double, e.gBET
De-ice, in a waySAND
Descartes' "therefore"ERGO
Desert Storm allyOMAN
Electric guitar plug-inCORD
Ewer's partnerBASIN
Eye-irritating pollutionSMOG
Fairy tale meanieOGRE
For all to seeOPEN
Frisked, with "down"PATTED
Game with suspects, rooms and weaponsCLUE
Gathered in great numbersMASSED
Go hither and yonROVE
Gorsuch of the Supreme CourtNEIL
Green kind of energySOLAR
Helpful contactsINS
In a 22-DownEVEN
In a big wayHUGELY
Information from a cable providerTVLISTINGS
Jury members, in theoryPEERS
Many a Taylor Swift fanTEEN
Marina walkwayPIER
Merino mothersEWES
Minor to-doSPAT
Needs a rubdown, perhapsACHES
Neutral hueBEIGE
Number of states bordered by MaineONE
Old enough to buy beer, sayOFAGE
Olympic sledderLUGER
On ___ (like a freelance submission)SPEC
Prima donna's deliveryARIA
Read BrailleFEEL
Reason for sudden deathTIE
Reduce to rubbleRUIN
Reinforced part of a work sockTOE
Right-triangle ratioSINE
River of LeedsAIRE
Room with a recliner, oftenDEN
Safecracker, slangilyYEGG
Schiller's "___ to Joy"ODE
Seize unlawfullyUSURP
Shaq who starred in "Kazaam"ONEAL
Site with crowd-sourced reviewsYELP
Something to whistleTUNE
Spots for JacuzzisSPAS
Subject of many iPhone photosSELF
Toot one's own hornCROW
Tourney seed's free passBYE
Tug of war needROPE
Unalaska Island nativeALEUT
W.C. Fields personaSOT
Wimpy guyTWERP
With 11-Down, 1970 Perry Como hitITS
Word before story or sisterSOB
Yogi of Jellystone ParkBEAR
Young eelELVER
___ dish (lab vessel)PETRI
___ the Hyena ("Li'l Abner" character)LENA