August 10 2017 - USA Today Crossword Answers

"Are you for ___?"REAL
"Dear me!"ALAS
"Don't I wish"IFONLY
"I warned you!"SEE
"Just as I thought!"OHO
Apply, as elbow greaseEXERT
Awning's offeringSHADE
Big name in elevatorsOTIS
Browse eBay, saySHOP
Bucks the systemREBELS
Carnation locationLAPEL
Cartel of oil-rich nationsOPEC
Chairperson's planAGENDA
Chuck wagon fareCHOW
Cola originally called "Brad's Drink"PEPSI
Competitor of SecretBAN
Costume ball wearMASK
Darken or lighten, sayDYE
Defense treaty partnerALLY
Do slalomsSKI
Drill sergeant's "Relax!"ATEASE
Elephant gone amokROGUE
Exchange jabsSPAR
Fanning of "Super 8"ELLE
Far from draconianLAX
Flowery versesODES
Folklore fiendOGRE
Full of energyALIVE
Furtive "Hey, you!"PSST
Get smart withSASS
Golf ball position on a slopeUPHILLLIE
Guys' matesGALS
Hawaiian or FijianISLANDER
Holders of valuablesSAFES
Hollywood hopefulSTARLET
Home care giverAIDE
Intruder to the landscapingWEED
Investment firm with a bull in its logoMERRILLLYNCH
Jokes around withKIDS
Jumped the tracksDERAILED
Kickstarter contributorDONOR
Like most hoopstersTALL
Like some roof panelsSOLAR
Like the stereotypical beach bumTANNED
List-shortening abbrETAL
Milne's "Now We ___ Six"ARE
Mischief makersIMPS
Modify, as a lawAMEND
Notification of an auto defect, perhapsRECALLLETTER
Ocean-warming phenomenonELNINO
One of seven Nolan Ryan gems, informallyNONO
Oscars category wordBEST
Painting of a fruit bowl, e.gSTILLLIFE
Paperless tax return optionEFILE
Pluto, before a 2006 downgradePLANET
Pod in some stewsOKRA
Promgoer's purchaseGOWN
Rhino poacher's prizeHORN
Roll-call callHERE
Salad with applesWALDORF
Selection under "Gender"FEMALE
Shot with a high arcLOB
Societal woesILLS
Sounds in car chase scenesSIRENS
Speak with one's handsSIGN
Spin doctor's concernIMAGE
Syrup sourceSAP
Texter's "If you ask me . . ."IMHO
The Whiffenpoofs, e.gELIS
This is one of 78 hereCLUE
Tickle, in a wayAMUSE
Trick-or-treater's totePAIL
Vertebrae separatorsDISCS
War tactics at Troy and VicksburgSIEGES
Watermelon eater's discardSEED
White as a sheetASHEN
Without accomplicesLONE