September 26 2017 - New York Times Crossword Answers

September 26 2017 - New York Times Crossword Answers
'500' race, familiarlyINDY
'Attention ___ shoppers!'KMART
'Finger-lickin' good' food establishmentKFC
'Superfood' Amazon berryACAI
'The Phantom of the Opera' cityPARIS
'Would you look at that!'OOH
'___ the fields we go ...'OER
Achievement for Bernie Madoff or Al CaponeNOTORIETY
Alternative to Levi'sLEES
Ambient musician BrianENO
Away on a submarine, sayASEA
Azure expanseSKY
Big nuisancePAIN
Big unicycle partTIRE
Breakfast brand for the toasterEGGO
Captain Hook, to Peter PanFOE
Cause of comedian Roseanne's black eye?BARRFIGHT
Chemically nonreactiveINERT
Colorful aquarium fishTETRA
Comedian Kevin after having a sloppy jelly snack?PURPLEHART
Comedian Richard being sent to a psychiatric facility?PRYORCOMMITMENT
Comes to a standstillSTOPS
Coral formationREEF
Essman of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'SUSIE
Fashion flairSTYLE
Fireplace itemLOG
Football rushBLITZ
Forty winksNAP
Fruity soft drinkNEHI
Get frisky with comedian Freddie?PAWPRINZE
Half of a genetic moleculeHELIX
Hawaiian giftLEI
Hollywood's LupinoIDA
Illegal paymentBRIBE
Incite to actionIMPEL
Intricate trapWEB
Irritating criticismFLAK
John le Carré heroesSPIES
Lion observed at nightLEO
Mule in an Erie Canal songSAL
NE basketball powerhouseUCONN
Nocturnal marsupialKOALA
Prof's URL enderEDU
Puts into English, say, as movie dialogueDUBS
Repeated jazz phrasesRIFFS
Restaurateur PaulaDEEN
Result of comedian Eric's untied shoelaces?FALLENIDLE
Rights org. of which Helen Keller was a co-founderACLU
Robust-sounding teens of children's booksHARDYBOYS
Schiff on the House Intelligence CommitteeADAM
School for young royalsETON
Séance soundRAP
Spiritual leader with a Nobel Peace PrizeDALAILAMA
St. Bernard during an avalanche, maybeRESCUEDOG
St. Paul's Cathedral architectWREN
Stir-fry cookersWOKS
Subject of Queen Elizabeth, informallyBRIT
Swimmer DianaNYAD
Take one's leaveEXIT
Tall supporting towerPYLON
Things teeth and hair haveROOTS
Thumper's deer friendBAMBI
Tidbit for a squirrelACORN
Timely benefitBOON
Took the entire seriesSWEPT
Totally captivatedRAPT
Touches geographicallyABUTS
Trial balloonTEST
What Tarzan's friends advised him to do?GOAPE
Writer Lowry with two Newbery MedalsLOIS
Youngest of the fictional March sistersAMY