September 22 2016 - New York Times Crossword Answers

September 9 2016 - New York Times Crossword Answers

'No way' manJOSE
'The West Wing' speechwriterSAM
A number of chemical rarities in Madrid?TRESELEMENTS
A number of cocktails in Berlin?DREIMARTINIS
A number of Freudians in Freiburg?SECHSTHERAPISTS
A number of grain-producing sites in Normandy?HUITFIELDS
A number of stage items in a French play?SEPTPIECES
A.C.L.U. targetBIAS
Act the grandparent, perhapsDOTE
Agcy. that funds major researchNSF
Athlete's sudden loss of ability, informallyYIPS
Bad decision makers may have lost theirsSENSES
Batman villain known as 'Queen of the Cossacks'OLGA
Big name in chain sawsSTIHL
Bronx attractionZOO
Bruckner's Symphony No. 7 ___ majorINE
Chekov, e.g., on 'Star Trek': AbbrENS
Common URL endingEDU
Deep dislikeODIUM
Difficult struggleTHROE
Dumpster attribute, oftenODOR
E. C. ___, creator of PopeyeSEGAR
Epsilon followerZETA
Ferber who wrote 'Giant'EDNA
Flower whose name means 'rainbow'IRIS
French/Belgian riverYSER
Insecure person's queryISITME
Inspection target of the 61-AcrossMEAT
It's twistedESS
Italian tenDIECI
Its capital is MaseruLESOTHO
IV measuresCCS
Job listing initsEOE
Less bumpyEVENER
Less stuffyAIRIER
Olympics host after MelbourneROME
Org. inspecting 64-AcrossUSDA
Palazzo ___, architectural gem of the RenaissanceFARNESE
Part of D.A.D.TASK
Part of the DowTECHSECTOR
Philosopher with a razorOCCAM
Porter supporters?STEINS
Portuguese kingREI
Provide the juicy bitsDISH
Provides enough forSATES
Range of noticeRADAR
Run smoothlyHUM
Secure, as loosened shoelacesRETIE
See 21-AcrossEMPIRE
Shock, in a wayTASE
Sole end?TOE
Something to mouse overICON
Star-filled nightOSCARS
Strauss's '___ Heldenleben'EIN
Summit on Crete where Zeus was bornMTIDA
Take big stepsSTRIDE
The Wildcats of the N.C.A.A., for shortUNH
Throat ailment, brieflySTREP
Tina who won a Mark Twain Prize for American HumorFEY
Trig functionsSINES
Typical after-work times, for shortEVES
Voicer of Aslan in 'The Chronicles of Narnia'LIAMNEESON
What you might be taken toTASK
Who has won more Olympic medals than Michael PhelpsNOONE
Willa Cather's 'One of ___'OURS
With 5-Down, creator of 24,000+ miles of road before 1600INCA
Writer whose wife said he's a 'genius, but what a dirty mind he has'JOYCE
___ of SolomonODES