May 7 2017 - New York Times Crossword Answers

May 6 2017 - New York Times Crossword Answers

://' precederHTTP
Al ___ Lado del Río' (2004 Oscar-winning song)OTRO
Celebrity Jeopardy!' show, brieflySNL
Go down this hallway: There's a couch / If what you seek's relaxing touch'MASSAGEPASSAGE
I have this duty on my farm / To look as chickens keep eggs warm'HATCHWATCH
I know my girl enjoys her youth / When this fine sound escapes her mouth'DAUGHTERLAUGHTER
Just be cool'ACTCASUAL
Kate Upton strikes an alpine pose / And belts this out, with naught to lose'MODELYODEL
Peanuts' boyLINUS
Right now, it's fine, no five-star food, / But this dessert will soon be good!'BUDDINGPUDDING
See-saw, Margery ___' (old nursery rhyme)DAW
Stop right there!'HEY
The Adventures of ___' (European comics series)ALIX
The Iron Lady' starSTREEP
This may have been the umpire's doing; / Now sliding home is easy going'BASELINEVASELINE
This mensch looks up and shouts 'Delish!' / While downing snacks with real relish'KOSHERNOSHER
Why don't we?!'LETS
Your will to serve must be mature / To be this keeper of nature'GARDENWARDEN
___ all good'ITS
___ et veritas'LUX
___ Lang Syne'AULD
2008 Obama catchwordHOPE
Acronym for a class taught over the InternetMOOC
Actor Elgort of 'The Fault in Our Stars'ANSEL
Animal avatar of ThothIBIS
Arnaz of 1950s TVDESI
Artisans' groupGUILD
Astronomer's sightingNOVA
Award category wordBEST
Blue symbol of DelawareHEN
Boston collegeEMERSON
Bulked up, in modern lingoSWOLE
Butter in South Asian cuisinesGHEE
Bygone NBC dramaLALAW
Carry the dayWIN
Cheese sometimes paired with pinot noirEDAM
Chinese city known for its terra-cotta warriorsXIAN
Color of el marAZUL
Condition once called 'shell shock,' for shortPTSD
Country star JacksonALAN
Cry of jubilation ... or guiltIDIDIT
Cry to a copARRESTHIM
Dead man walking?ZOMBIE
Divvy upSPLIT
Due + seiOTTO
Family girlSIS
Fantasy fiction readers, e.gESCAPISTS
First sentence of a news storyLEDE
Float in the airWAFT
Food items often served with 76-DownTACOS
Force on Earth, informallyONEG
French titleMADAME
Galley propellerOAR
Gefilte fish fishPIKE
Gillette ___ PlusATRA
Go 'boohoo'SOB
Go (for)VIE
Goes overREADS
Golden calf, e.gIDOL
Half of a scoreTEN
Home to King PhilippeBELGIUM
Hooter or honkerSCHNOZ
In unisonASONE
Injure badlyMAUL
It may be whiffedODOR
Job with spreadsheetsDATAENTRY
Jones of CNNVAN
Kachina doll makersHOPIS
Keystone officerKOP
Kylo ___ ('Star Wars' villain)REN
Lady Gaga's '___ This Way'BORN
Light woodBALSA
Like some light woodBLOND
Like the 30 Rock buildingDECO
Like Uncle SamGOATEED
Little racerGOCART
New York county with Lake PlacidESSEX
Not blown upACTUALSIZE
Not go out of date, sayAGEWELL
Nudges, in a wayJOGS
Oct. pennant raceALCS
Off-week, in footballBYE
Old popNEHI
On, as a horseASTRIDE
One working on the board?PROSURFER
Ottoman's partnerSOFA
Overly fussyANAL
P.R. taskSPIN
Part of an underground networkGASMAIN
Party bowlfulGUACAMOLE
Place for a pie to coolSILL
Post-marathon feelingACHE
Primary imperative?VOTE
Rapper topperDORAG
Reporters' groupPOOL
Ride offererUBER
Robert of 'Tender Mercies'DUVALL
Rose's love on old BroadwayABIE
Russian peaceMIR
Skin dyesHENNAS
Some ancient writingsPAPYRI
Some Wall St. dealsLBOS
Spa accessoryLOOFA
Start printingGOTOPRESS
Suckers' succors?COUGHDROPS
Tassel moversGRADS
Test siteLAB
Texter's 'Wow!'OMG
Three-pointer shooter, usuallyGUARD
Tyrion Lannister of 'Game of Thrones' and othersIMPS
URL suffixORG
Vessel often stowed upside downCANOE
Word before or after 'down'PAT
Word said three times while smacking the foreheadDUMB
___ bucoOSSO
___ of SolomonODES
___ studies (college major)URBAN