October 25 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"And she shall bring forth __": MatthewASON
"Dinner!" ... and a hint to the first word of 21-, 27-, 44- and 53-AcrossLETSEAT
"Fresh Air" airerNPR
"Well, __-di-dah!"LAH
27-Across, essentiallyMAP
A long way offAFAR
Ancient PeruvianINCA
Attachment to a movable sprinklerHOSE
Author Kafka or composer LisztFRANZ
Backyard pet sheltersDOGHOUSES
Bad news for subway ridersFAREINCREASE
Ball co-starARNAZ
Barely worth mentioningTRIVIAL
Beat the pants offTROMP
Bordeaux brushoffNON
Breathe hardPANT
Bunches of bucksWADS
Business abbrINC
Character actor Eli who often co-starred with his wife Anne JacksonWallach
City west of TulsaENID
Co. known for music compilationsKTEL
College Board exams, for shortSATS
Cpl., for oneNCO
Dashboard indicatorOILGAUGE
Diagram on a golf score cardCOURSELAYOUT
Did terriblyTANKED
Divinity school subjREL
Fabric mishapTEAR
Finishing a sentence?SERVINGTIME
For each oneAPOP
Forearm bonesULNAS
Give offEMIT
GPS linesSTS
Grammatically, "have" in "I have spoken," e.gHELPINGVERB
Grecian urn glorifier, e.gODIST
Grits, essentiallyHOMINY
Horse with a spotted coatAPPALOOSA
In the airALOFT
Jackson 5 hair styleAFRO
John Irving title writerGARP
Journey segmentLEG
Lays a guilt trip on, sayPRESSURES
Letters between mus and xisNUS
Massage venueSPA
More reasonableSANER
Neck of the woodsAREA
Nervously distractedINATIZZY
No longer encumbered byFREEOF
Oktoberfest keepsakeSTEIN
Orthodontic devicesRETAINERS
Oscar Mayer productWIENER
Revered TibetanLAMA
Romantically involved withSEEING
Severely harmMAIM
South end?ERN
Stacy Lewis' orgLPGA
State of blissNIRVANA
Stimpy's sidekickREN
Strip of latticeworkLATH
Take the wrong way?ROB
Textbook divisionUNIT
Took the titleWON
Unconvincing, as excuses goLAME
Unfair treatment, with "the"SHAFT
Use, as for a snoozeLIEON
VW preceders?STU
Wordless summonsPSST
X-ray unitsRADS
__ HauteTERRE