November 8 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Any more bright __?"IDEAS
"Family Matters" nerdURKEL
"In what way?"HOWSO
"Metamorphoses" poetOVID
"Oops, almost forgot"OHYEAH
"__ Rose": "The Music Man" songLIDA
*Handsome guy or gorgeous galDREAMBOAT
*Old West transportSTAGECOACH
*Temporary group for a specific jobTASKFORCE
*Trailways, for oneBUSLINE
23-Across, e.gALE
48-Across ancestorVCR
A great dealLOTS
Annoys persistentlyBADGERS
Author John le __CARRE
Avoid, with "off"STAVE
Big fussADO
Bouquet __: chef's tasty bundleGARNI
British brew with a red triangle in its logoBASS
Camp bedBUNK
Captain Marvel's magic wordSHAZAM
Catnip or corianderHERB
Deeply expressiveSOULFUL
DVR pioneerTIVO
Elected polsINS
Emphatic denialIAMNOT
Felt sorry aboutRUED
Flies off the shelfSELLS
Former "Idol" judge PaulaABDUL
Furniture with a lock, maybeDESK
Golden rule wordUNTO
Good—and bad—dietary substancesFATS
Having financial freedom ... and, literally, what the last words of the answers to starred clues compriseSETFORLIFE
Jiffy Lube supplyOIL
Kenton of jazzSTAN
Kindle read, brieflyZINE
Like much whiskeyAGED
Loosen, as lacesUNDO
Loses on purpose?DIETS
Making a cake, sayBAKING
Many August babiesLEOS
Martial arts-based fitness routineTAEBO
Metro regionsURBS
Molecule partATOM
Nickname for JoséPEPE
North Carolina campusELON
Note equivalent to EFFLAT
Novelist WhartonEDITH
Old music hallsODEA
Olympic symbolTORCH
One sent back down the river?EXCON
Out of controlWILD
Pennysaver contentsADS
Personal trainer's targetFLAB
Pielike brunch servingQUICHE
Place of safetyHAVEN
Play a partACT
Prepare for takeoffTAXI
Race with batonsRELAY
Retail complexMALL
Road in old RomeITER
Russian riverURAL
Shoe polish targetsSCUFFS
Sporty '80s PontiacFIERO
Swab againREMOP
Throw in the towelQUIT
Took a tumbleFELL
Toss of a coinFLIP
Verdi princessAIDA
Wagner princessISOLDE
Water in the SeineEAU
Words to a black sheepBAABAA
Workable, as an alternativeVIABLE
__ Fáil: Irish "stone of destiny"LIA