May 31 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Bye Bye Bye" boy bandNSYNC
"Smooth Operator" singerSADE
"The Da Vinci Code" priorySION
"The Partridge Family" actressSUSANDEY
1982 sci-fi film with a 2010 sequelTRON
2010 Best Picture Oscar winnerTHEKINGSSPEECH
Argue withJAWAT
Beantown teamCELTS
Become born-again, perhapsGETRELIGION
Broad beanFAVA
Broadcast againREAIR
Canon settingFSTOP
City bonds, for shortMUNIS
Cross wordsSPAT
D.C. figurePOL
Decreases in strengthWANES
Deep sea predatorORCA
Detective WolfeNERO
Env. insertENC
Farm fractionACRE
Feed with fuelSTOKE
Fight, in the sticksRASSLE
Formal agreementPACT
Former Mississippi senator TrentLOTT
Gymnast's powderTALC
Health products chainGNC
Hook-shaped ski liftJBAR
Layer with a holeOZONE
Memphis-to-Mobile dirSSE
Naval lockupBRIG
No. 2 at the statehouseLTGOV
No. in a contacts listTEL
Old Norse explorerERIC
One selling wheelsCARDEALER
One who may converse in ErseGAEL
Online party noticeEVITE
Passover observerJEW
Pelee Island's lakeERIE
PEN/Faulkner, for oneAWARD
Phone-answering asstSECY
Pocatello schISU
Pocket rockets, at the poker tableACES
Post-J.D. degreeLLM
Pre-curtain callPLACES
Ready for a kick, with "up"TEED
Resorts with body wrapsSPAS
Rub __: lubricateOILON
Runners occupying basesMENON
Samples again, during cookingRETASTES
Self-publishing optionVANITYPRESS
Social sci. majorECON
Society page wordNEE
Source of the freedoms found at the ends of this puzzle's four other longest answersFIRSTAMENDMENT
Stable motherMARE
Straight: PrefORTH
Talk show host who won "The Celebrity Apprentice" in 2015, familiarlyLEEZA
To dateYET
Top bond ratingAAA
Trees with fragrant sapSWEETGUMS
Triumphant shoutIWIN
Troopers' gpsPDS
Troubling engine soundPING
United Nations gatheringGENERALASSEMBLY
Util. billELEC
Video chat optionFACETIME
Wastes awayATROPHIES
Way to goPATH
With a lot at stakeINBIG
WWE wrestler in the film "Trainwreck"JOHNCENA