May 22 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"B.C." cartoonist JohnnyHART
"It's my call"ISAYSO
*"The Tonight Show" host after Johnny CarsonJAYLENO
*"Unforgettable" croonerNATKINGCOLE
*Found middle groundMETHALFWAY
*Hockey rink dividerREDLINE
*Jimmy Olsen, notablyCUBREPORTER
*Shaft from the sunRAYOFLIGHT
102, to CaesarCII
69-Across list of games, brieflySKED
Actor's unwritten lineADLIB
Actress ThurmanUMA
Caesar's stunned wordsETTU
Chart with roadsMAP
Corn servingEAR
Cousins of woofsARFS
Desert respitesOASES
Dirt road depressionsRUTS
Eroded, as savingsATEINTO
Eye provocativelyOGLE
FBI employeesAGTS
Fee-based home entertainmentPAYTV
Fictional pirate often addressed as "Mr."SMEE
Fielder's assist, e.gTHROW
Finally arrivedMADEIT
Foundation plantSHRUB
Garden-tidying gadgetWEEDER
Have to payOWE
Hit high into the airLOFT
Igneous rock, onceMAGMA
In favor ofPRO
Jazzman GarnerERROLL
Kind of delinquentJUVENILE
Like basic wall switchesONOFF
Like many pretzelsSALTY
Live-in household helperAUPAIR
One may drift in from the kitchenAROMA
Opportunity for growthUPSIDE
Partner of hitherYON
Percussionist's kitDRUMSET
Precious stoneGEM
Quarterfinal contestants countEIGHT
Racetrack riskBET
Rainier or Rushmore: AbbrMTN
Reach a total ofAMOUNTTO
Resort island near VenezuelaARUBA
Rush hour tie-upJAM
Sad soundSOB
Santa __ windsANA
Scarlett's plantationTARA
Sleep stageREM
Sound from a lily padCROAK
Soviet cooperativeARTEL
Sports org. for the players that begin the answers to starred cluesMLB
Spot for a bathTUB
Stranded motorist's needTOW
Suddenly paid attentionSATUP
Suffix with chlor-INE
Take __: snoozeANAP
Temporary calmLULL
Temporary stopPAUSE
Texter's "Holy cow!"OMG
Toronto's provONT
Tots' three-wheelersTRIKES
Uncooperative "2001" computerHAL
Uneven gaitsLIMPS
Winner's numberONE
Would likeWANTS
__ Waldo EmersonRALPH
__ Wall Street: 2011 protestOCCUPY