May 19 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"... let __ put asunder": MatthewNOMAN
"... such stuff / As dreams __ made on": ProsperoARE
"Bambi" doeENA
"John Wick" starREEVES
"__ brillig ... "TWAS
1987 Michael Jackson albumBAD
Acquires through cunningWANGLES
Aging hero Jones, in his latest film?GRAYINDIANA
Any "Twilight Zone" episode, nowRERUN
Beatle endingMANIA
Boorish sortCAD
Cakes go-withALE
Called from the fieldBAAED
City on the Rio GrandeLAREDO
Decide not to stopLET
Denmark's __ IslandsFAROE
Early stage of muffin production?BRANRAISING
Ergotamine derivative popular in the '60sLSD
Fasten, at seaBELAY
Fish-eating raptorOSPREY
From one extreme to the otherOVERALL
Front page materialBIGNEWS
Frozen dessert brandSARALEE
Greek letterETA
Groups at seaFLEETS
Half a philosophical dualityYANG
Henri's hereICI
Highland groupsCLANS
His, to HenriALUI
Introduction to Domingo?SANTO
Island band The __ MenBAHA
Jungian conceptANIMA
Kentucky Derby callRIDERSUP
Lading measureTON
Landlord's customersLESSEES
Like the olfactory nerve, e.gCRANIAL
Loosen (up)WARM
Mediterranean metropolisTELAVIV
Net neutrality beneficiary: AbbrISP
Norm: AbbrSTD
Off one's rockerBONKERS
Omega holderWRIST
One seen in a ringDIAMOND
One seen in a ringACROBAT
Part of a traditional holiday giftPEARTREE
Paul with guitarsLES
Pine forMISS
Pitt portraying Shakespeare?BRADOFAVON
Recurrent behaviorTIC
Road where Mozart was bornSTRASSE
Saddled with debtINAHOLE
Sci-fi settingLAB
Seaside resort arrayCABANAS
Send outEMIT
Settled on a branchALIT
Seven-movement Holst work that omits Earth, with "The"PLANETS
Shakespeare's jet?EBON
Short driveSPIN
Skill displayed at the gift counter?WRAPSPEED
Sounds from pensOINKS
Television fareAIRINGS
Times when hokey humor prevailed?ERASOFCORN
Undefeated AliLAILA
Vital statisticAGE
Where Mozart was bornAUSTRIA