L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - September 16, 2015

Clue Answer
"Romeo and Juliet" city VERONA
"Whether __ nobler ...": Hamlet TIS
"__ Road to Glory": Arthur Ashe history AHARD
Admonishing response to "Mine!" SHARE
Ages and ages EON
Album array PHOTOS
Burlesque wraps BOAS
Cheer from the crowd RAH
Chihuahua complaint YIP
Clear the board ERASE
Comes to the point? TAPERS
Critter in Egyptian art ASP
Crone HAG
Decorative pitchers EWERS
Did one's part? ACTED
Dinnertime TV fare NEWS
Distress signal SOS
Dot on a map ISLET
Extreme ULTRA
First occurrence ONSET
Gnocchi sauce PESTO
Half a dance CHA
Handle without care? PAW
Hat worn with a kilt TAM
Have title to OWN
Here, to Henri ICI
It happens four times a year ... and also in this puzzle's circles CHANGEOFSEASONS
Kayak mover PADDLE
Keats' "__ to a Nightingale" ODE
Laundry slide CHUTE
Like many a dorm room MESSY
Like some eclipses SOLAR
Long basket, in hoops lingo TREY
Maniacal LOCO
MBA hopeful's test GRE
Military outfit UNIFORM
NATO founding member USA
Night before EVE
Nocturnal flier BAT
Old-time broadcasters CRIERS
One of three Hells Canyon states IDAHO
Only article in a U.S. state capital name DES
Package sealers TAPES
Parenthetical remark ASIDE
Party organizer HOSTESS
Passport image STAMP
Piece of cake LAYER
Place to start a hole TEE
Pool user's unit LAP
Pre-holiday mall indulgence BUYINGSPREE
Private instructor TUTOR
Respectful title SIR
Reuben bread RYE
See 16-Across TEA
Slogan ending? EER
Snow runner SKI
Soda machine inserts ONES
Some execs VEEPS
Spanish finger food TAPAS
Square things ATONE
Square things REPAY
Square-bodied family autos HUMMERSUVS
Stay away from AVOID
Steep-sided valleys RAVINES
Stops wavering OPTS
Struggle TUSSLE
Sweet sherry, e.g DESSERTWINE
Tach reading RPM
Took a dip SWAM
Tubular pasta PENNE
Ukrainian port ODESSA
Unbeatable hand ROYALFLUSH
Wendy's side FRIES
With 61-Across, Sri Lankan product PEKOE
__ one's time: wait BIDE
__ Spumante ASTI