L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - September 15, 2015

Clue Answer
"No seats" letters SRO
"Yeah, yeah, I get it" OKOK
*"The Color Purple," for Oprah Winfrey MOVIEDEBUT
*1990s Reform Party candidate HROSSPEROT
*Boneless seafood option FISHFILLET
*Special Forces soldier GREENBERET
Banjo ridge FRET
Black-and-white, e.g TWOTONED
Bleak GRIM
Blow one's stack ERUPT
Bottom corner of a square sail CLEW
Bring down with a big ball RAZE
Brings in REAPS
Car in a '60s song GTO
Corn serving EAR
CoverGirl competitor AVON
Dallas quarterback Tony ROMO
Dry with a towel WIPE
Egg container NEST
Email command SEND
Et __: and others ALIA
Fender guitar model, briefly STRAT
Game divisions PERIODS
Gestation location WOMB
Got off one's duff STOOD
Great Plains tribe OTOE
Guys-only STAG
Hall's pop music partner OATES
High-ranking Indian RAJA
Hiking trails PATHS
Hitch, as a ride BUM
Holey layer OZONE
Horseshoe-shaped letters OMEGAS
Infiltrator SPY
Inland Asian sea ARAL
Is obliged to pay OWES
Jack rabbits, e.g HARES
Jazzy jargon JIVE
Lascivious deities SATYRS
Like a test answer with an "x" next to it WRONG
Like Bond foes EVIL
Long locks TRESSES
Love, to Ovid AMOR
Maple output SAP
Mexico City problem SMOG
Monk's title FRA
Mr. Ed's foot HOOF
Norse mischief-maker LOKI
Nourishes FEEDS
Off-road transp ATV
Oxen harness YOKE
Pass along RELAY
Pilgrim Standish MYLES
Pre-grilling spice mixtures RUBS
Prefix with dynamic AERO
Punk rock offshoot EMO
Retailer known for little blue boxes TIFFANYS
Riviera resort San __ REMO
RLX automaker ACURA
Shrimp relative PRAWN
Singer Amos TORI
Site of Napoleon's exile ELBA
Slim swimmers EELS
Soccer game tie, often ONEALL
Spooky EERIE
Sporty car roof TTOP
Stagger REEL
State whose straw poll was discontinued in 2015 IOWA
Tapes up tightly SEALS
Traditional sayings ADAGES
Turkish currency LIRA
Unhittable serve ACE
Valentine symbol ... or, when read as two words, what you can't do when the answers to starred clues are spoken HEART
Went for a burger, say HADLUNCH
White House no VETO
Winter traction aid SNOWTIRE
Word before cook or burn SLOW
Words on a Wonderland cake EATME