L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - September 14, 2015

Clue Answer
"Born Free" lioness ELSA
"Do not" follower, on a closed-door sign DISTURB
"Excuse me ... " AHEM
"The Firm" author John GRISHAM
"The X-Files" org SETI
"Yum!" TASTY
"__ you happy now?" ARE
"¿Cómo __ usted?" ESTA
*Chinese food staple STEAMEDRICE
*Cold symptom SORETHROAT
*Lines that help you 9-Down CROSSHAIRS
*Publication featuring Alfred E. Neuman MADMAGAZINE
Aid in wrongdoing ABET
Allegro, scherzo, andante, etc TEMPI
Balkan native SLAV
Beech or birch TREE
Big name in ATMs NCR
Big screen star IDOL
Bishop's headdress MITER
Brainstorms IDEAS
Cabbage side dish SLAW
Channel covering Capitol Hill CSPAN
Classic Krispy Kreme coating GLAZE
Coll. hot shot BMOC
Corp. heads CEOS
Costume shop supply WIGS
Cowpoke's footwear BOOT
Croatian-born physicist Nikola TESLA
Cute __ button ASA
Destiny KARMA
Did an impression of APED
Didn't follow a script, say WINGEDIT
Doris Day song word SERA
Dress for the choir ENROBE
Engraved with acid ETCHED
Exam for H.S. jrs PSAT
Fireside feeling WARMTH
Flub by a fielder ERROR
Garden bulb TULIP
Get ready to shoot TAKEAIM
Happily __ after EVER
In couch-potato mode IDLE
Ink mishap SMEAR
Knight times YORE
Light brown BEIGE
Like a cheering capacity crowd AROAR
Lt.'s superior CAPT
Many an Iraqi ARAB
Many Keats poems ODES
Monte __: gambling mecca CARLO
Nestle snugly EMBED
On a pension: Abbr RET
Online handicraft market ETSY
Open __: tennis period since 1968 ERA
Personal source of annoyance ... which might make one feel the first word of the answers to starred clues PETPEEVE
Rack of __ LAMB
Ride a seesaw TEETER
Roll call reply HERE
Room with a crib NURSERY
Sandpaper feature GRIT
Sea, to Cousteau MER
Sheep shelter COTE
Spanish appetizer TAPA
Starring role LEAD
Symphonic rock gp ELO
The ones right in front of us THESE
Tidal retreat EBB
Traveler's stop MOTEL
Tugboat sound TOOT
Understood, as a joke GOT
Unfeeling NUMB
Volcanic output LAVA
WF-3640 printer maker EPSON
Wineglass part STEM
Worker in a shaft MINER
Worship ADORE
__ Gras MARDI