L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - May 3, 2015

Clue Answer
"Did you __?" EVER
"Fain would I __ on form": Juliet DWELL
"Goodness!" DEARME
"Hmm ... I guess that's all right" OHOK
"If you ask me," to texters IMO
"Love Is Strange" actress TOMEI
"Project Runway Canada" host IMAN
'60s-'80s Brit. sports car MGB
1940 DC Comics debut ROBIN
2 Tone revival music genre SKA
Abandon bachelorhood WED
All-in-one printer option SCAN
An oz. has six TSPS
Auto ad no MSRP
Battle of Normandy city CAEN
Bedsheet material PIMA
Begins OPENS
Big name in small trucks TONKA
Black cats, perhaps OMENS
Blue heron kin EGRET
Bogged down MIRED
BOLO equivalent APB
Bored by it all JADED
Brandy letters VSOP
Calligrapher's supplies INKS
Canadian gas brand ESSO
Carpentry tool CHISEL
Cassio's commander OTHELLO
Challenging locks MOPS
Cheap way to live RENTFREE
Chess champion's blog entry? MASTERPOST
Chinese leader? INDO
City on the Guadalquivir River CORDOBA
Co. leaders MGT
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Conservative portfolio investments TNOTES
Contradict BELIE
Cork alternative SCREWTOP
Curmudgeonly comment GRIPE
Daily power source SUN
Departure notice? OBIT
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Dip with zip SALSA
Distress PERIL
Extend a hand to GREET
Fast-moving mammal HARE
Fiddles with ADJUSTS
Film composer Morricone ENNIO
Find work GETAJOB
Flow with force SPEW
Former Italian capital LIRA
French bean? TETE
Game of chance BEANO
Genre of the band Jawbreaker EMO
German auto OPEL
Get to RILE
Go out with SEE
Golfer with an array of trick shots? CREATIVEPRO
Hapless sort LOSER
Held firm STOODPAT
High muck-a-muck MRBIG
How homes may be measured INAREA
How many vacations are taken BYCAR
It gives you the big picture IMAX
It may be blank STARE
It puts the blue in blue cheese MOLD
It's a turnoff EXITRAMP
Jazzman Fountain PETE
Keypad key ENTER
Kick off START
Lawrence partner GORME
Least available RAREST
Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Estelle Parsons in 2014 OBIE
Like some partners SILENT
Like some soap opera plot elements OVERDONE
Lit up AGLOW
Literary __ GUILD
Litigant SUER
Lowly laborer PEON
Military nickname SARGE
Molokai memento LEI
More respectable NICER
Northern terminus of I-79 ERIE
Not so demanding EASIER
Notable time ERA
Nursery supply SOIL
Objective END
One auditing highway department supplies? SIGNCOUNTER
Ordinary hero? STANDARDSUB
Originate ARISE
Outstanding building manager? STARSUPER
Part of TA: Abbr ASST
Pizzeria attraction AROMA
Pocahontas' spouse ROLFE
Prepare to serve, as wine DECANT
Prepared ALLSET
Pressure line ISOBAR
Prime minister between two Ehuds ARIEL
Protective covering TARP
Pub order LAGER
Puff up BLOAT
Quiznos offering TORPEDO
Range setting BROIL
Rate goose feathers? GRADEDOWN
Reacted to a bad call BOOED
Reason for a raise MERIT
Ridicule JEERAT
Rights reader COP
Routine letters SOP
Sacher creations TORTES
Samples, in a way SIPS
Sanction ALLOW
Scatter DISPEL
Seam, say SEW
Shell occupant CLAM
Shut down CEASE
Sisters NUNS
Source of inspiration MUSE
Spock's memoir? LOGICALBIO
Spots for dips POOLS
Succotash bean LIMA
The Magi, e.g TRIO
They may be seen in streams VIDEOS
They're often in hot water TEAS
Tiered snack OREO
Took turns? DROVE
Truck at the end of the convoy? FINALSEMI
Two-time Masters champ Ballesteros SEVE
Update CUEIN
Valuable vein LODE
Water-storing plant ALOE
Wedding day rental PARTYBUS
Well-armed swimmers? OCTOPI
Well-rehearsed swindle? FLUENTCON
Whisk, for one UTENSIL
Wine, with "the" GRAPE
With two exceptions, NFL Pro Bowl locale since 1980 OAHU
WWII venue ETO
__-pitch SLO