L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - March 14, 2015

Clue Answer
"Angry" adversary in Enid Blyton's "Faraway Tree" series PIXIE
"Block-Heads" co-star, 1938 STANLAUREL
"Every Breath You Take" band THEPOLICE
"Path __": 2002 LBJ biopic TOWAR
"Woman With a Parasol" painter MONET
Author LeShan EDA
Bit of cleverness NEATTRICK
Boring, maybe LONG
Business identifier TRADENAME
Cabinet dept. created under LBJ HUD
Chess grandmaster Spassky BORIS
City served by Ben-Gurion airport LOD
Come (from) ARISE
Crimp-haired critters EWES
D.C. sports group NATS
Dakota du Sud, e.g ETAT
Dating term usually abbreviated ANNODOMINI
Disastrous FATAL
Dogfish Head products ALES
Finely contoured SLEEK
Flying fig ALT
Gifts for aficionados BOXEDSETS
Happy way to walk ONAIR
Head TOP
Herbal beverage MINTTEA
Hit the roof BOILEDOVER
Hoop, for one EARRING
Husky follower DOGSLED
It's not a complex number BALLAD
Joint support KNEEBRACE
Kyrgyzstan border range ALAI
L.A.-based brewery PABST
Like some brick walls VINED
Like some sirens BEWITCHING
Monopoly token that replaced the iron CAT
MSNBC anchor Wagner ALEX
No-brainer? IDIOT
One on the links ACE
Only fair TWOSTAR
Outback order FILET
Pack leader? SIX
Passing legislation? ESTATELAW
Player in eight Super Bowls PATRIOT
Pre-euro currency LIRA
Pressure FORCE
Prince Valiant's bride ALETA
Project planning datum TARGETDATE
Punch line, say END
School acronym ELHI
Sherry type PALEDRY
Sound off BOAST
Span. title SRA
Specialty brokers LANDAGENTS
Swap magazines RELOAD
Take offense BRISTLE
Temporary place to stay CAMP
Temporary places to stay INNS
The Whiffenpoofs of a cappella fame ELIS
Then, in Rennes ALORS
They go with chips SALSADIPS
They're assembled at bars SALADS
They're filled and folded OMELETS
Touch-and-go RISKY
Unattached SINGLE
Venom source FANG
Vivacity BRIO
__ Canals SOO