L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - July 22, 2015

Clue Answer
"Egad!" OHNO
"Green Eggs and Ham" opening IAMSAM
"It's okay, I guess" MEH
"Paradise Lost" character ADAM
"Rumble in the Jungle" fighter ALI
"The Kiss" and "The Thinker" RODINS
"You got that right!" YESSIREE
"__ girl!" ATTA
"__ more bright ideas?" ANY
*It classifies ancient times based on metals THREEAGESYSTEM
*Justification for eating food that's fallen on the ground FIVESECONDRULE
*Possible reason for marriage counseling SEVENYEARITCH
*Typical worker's break TWODAYWEEKEND
A D will usually lower it: Abbr GPA
Ancient volume CODEX
Arctic divers AUKS
Backless sofa DIVAN
BMW rival AUDI
Bread, at times SOP
Call-home opener HIMOM
Cashless deals SWAPS
Colleague of Antonin and Anthony ELENA
Cone droppers FIRS
Confederate soldiers GRAYS
Fictional planet ORK
Fitting APT
French river to the English Channel SOMME
Frightful cry EEK
Genetic info carrier RNA
Give expression to VOICE
Go downhill WORSEN
Hankering YEN
Hershey-to-Scranton dir NNE
Introduction PROEM
Iron-rich blood pigment HEME
Itty bit TAD
Jamaican export RUM
Joint where kids are welcome? KNEE
Lefty's writing concern INKSMEAR
Like Cheerios OATEN
Madeline of "Clue" KAHN
Many a miniseries EPIC
Military prep prog ROTC
Newspaper figs EDS
Not needed EXTRA
Obedience school item LEASH
On the lookout WARY
Otherwise ELSE
Passports, licenses, etc IDS
Place for Lightning and Hurricanes RINK
Prepare beans, Mexican-style REFRY
Q.E.D. word ERAT
Rich dessert TORTE
Screen dot PIXEL
Seals with pitch TARS
See 69-Across TIME
Seedless plant FERN
Shut angrily SLAM
Some drafts ALES
Soup veggie PEA
Spoil MAR
Stacks like Tupperware NESTS
Stereotypical sci-fi fan NERD
Stun AWE
Texter's qualifier IMHO
Took a hatchet to AXED
Toward the back ASTERN
Trig or calc, to a Brit MATHS
Unbending RIGID
Unfreeze DEICE
Weigh in OPINE
When Tony sings "Maria" ACTI
Where Georgia is ASIA
Willy Wonka creator Dahl ROALD
Wily SLY
With 70-Across, prized programming slot ... or a hint to the first two parts of the answers to starred clues PRIME
__ Jordan AIR