L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - February 24, 2016

Clue Answer
"Don't need to watch that movie again" SEENIT
"Entourage" agent Gold ARI
"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" singer CYNDILAUPER
"The Affair" airer, briefly SHO
"The Bell of __": Longfellow ATRI
"__ my guard down" ILET
Actress Anderson LONI
Anger IRE
Annual tennis team event DAVISCUP
Bite-size Chinese appetizer PUPU
Brand that "gets the red out" VISINE
Bravo preceder ALFA
Celebrity chef Burrell ANNE
Celebs VIPS
Chap LAD
Comes into view ARISES
Cornell University city ITHACA
Currencies MONEYS
DDE rival AES
Delaware Valley tribe LENAPE
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Diva delivery ARIA
Empty, as threats IDLE
Epic with a very big horse ILIAD
Esteemed league member IVY
Evening, in ads NITE
Famille patriarch PERE
Fashion monogram YSL
Fencing attack LUNGE
Fictional voyager SINBADTHESAILOR
Flight from the law LAM
Fluff, as hair TEASE
Form by combining elements SYNTHESIZE
Fourth notes FAS
Gold brick INGOT
Golf stroke that can be practiced in a hallway PUTT
Guacamole, e.g DIP
Host of the 2015 MLB All-Star Game CINCINNATI
Irrationality UNREASON
Italian capital of its own province PISA
Jury member PEER
Kind of nitrite AMYL
Lengthy story SAGA
Lennon partner ONO
Lobsters' sense organs PALPI
Metal playing marbles STEELIES
Morticia, to Gomez TISH
Mothers of Invention musician ZAPPA
N, in Morse code DASHDOT
Nebraska natives OTOS
Not masc. or fem NEUT
On Soc. Sec RET
One of the reindeer DANCER
One-piece garments, slangily UNIS
Peaceful relations AMITY
Performer's supporters FANBASE
Places where élèves study ECOLES
Poker declaration IMOUT
Rational SANE
Refillable candy PEZ
Retired New York senator Al D'__ AMATO
Rome-based carrier ALITALIA
Rum-soaked cake BABA
Salutation abbreviation MESSRS
Snoozed SLEPT
Spiffy NEAT
Tarzan portrayer Ron et al ELYS
Texting farewell TTYL
The same number ASMANY
Toll road timesaver EZPASS
Twisty letter ESS
Wicked ... and, homophonically, like five long puzzle answers SINFUL