L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - February 22, 2016

Clue Answer
"Agreed!" AMEN
"Mork & Mindy" or "Mike & Molly" SITUATIONCOMEDY
"My Fair Lady" director George CUKOR
"Talk of the Nation" airer NPR
"You almost had it" CLOSEBUTNOCIGAR
1964 Tony Randall title role DRLAO
2016 Hall of Fame inductee __ Griffey Jr KEN
After 1-Across, pregame football ritual, and what's literally found in this puzzle's circles TOSS
Array on a dugout rack BATS
Beef cut LOIN
Bridal bio word NEE
Bullets and such AMMO
Capital of Latvia RIGA
Chichén __: Mayan ruins ITZA
Clothing store department MENS
Curved fastener UBOLT
Dental suffix with Water PIK
Enjoy a novel READ
Event where many dress as Stormtroopers or Klingons SCIFICONVENTION
Fairy tale villain OGRE
Fever and chills AGUE
Flabbergast STUN
Gaucho's weapon BOLA
Get to the bottom of FATHOM
GI chow MRE
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Greek column style IONIC
Hawaiian tuna AHI
Homecoming attendees ALUMNI
Israeli airline ELAL
Japanese-American NISEI
Kipling mongoose Rikki-__-Tavi TIKKI
Lampoon MOCK
Lasting mark SCAR
Letterhead emblem LOGO
Look at wolfishly OGLE
Malice SPITE
Many times OFTEN
Marked with streaks, as cheese VEINED
Mishaps SLIPS
Missile in a pub game DART
Music producer Brian ENO
Nickel or dime COIN
Nintendo's Super __ NES
Parking __ METER
Peruse, with "over" PORE
Put into law ENACT
Question ASK
Reason for a cold sweat FEAR
Refer to in a footnote CITE
Regarding ABOUT
Sans serif font ARIAL
Singer James ETTA
Slightly open AJAR
Slim racetrack margin NOSE
Slopes fanatic SKIBUM
Small laundry room appliance IRON
Smile ear to ear BEAM
Soft drink nut KOLA
Soil-shaping tools HOES
Spanish "that" ESO
Stuffed shirt SNOB
Texting icon EMOJI
The "Star Wars" planet Tatooine orbits two of them SUNS
Thirst (for) YEARN
Tilt to the side, as one's head COCK
Tiny pasta used in soup ORZO
Toboggan, e.g SLED
UPC-like product ID SKU
Visitor from space ALIEN
Washington's __ Sound PUGET
Wayside lodgings INNS
Weighty books TOMES
What polar opposites have NOTHINGINCOMMON
Writing fluids INKS
Yoga class need MAT
Zenith ACME
__ contendere: court plea NOLO