L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - August 23, 2015

Clue Answer
"Ah Sun-flower! ... / Seeking after that sweet golden __": Blake CLIME
"Dang!" DRAT
"Downton Abbey" title EARL
"Found it!" AHA
"Friends" actress, familiarly JEN
"Orinoco Flow" singer ENYA
"Please don't __" BEMAD
"Taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase": MLK FAITH
"The heat __!" ISON
"The Three Sisters" sister IRINA
"This I gotta see" SHOWME
"Yes __!" SIREE
"__ needle pulling thread" SEWA
*"I won't tell a soul!" MYLIPSARESEALED
*"You're not even close!" VERYCOLD
*Adversarial attitude USVSTHEM
*Not just a shot in the dark EDUCATEDGUESS
*Not seriously JUSTFORFUN
*Popular party dish NACHOSANDCHEESE
*Sci-fi fleet leader MOTHERSHIP
*Words from the aptly punished SERVEDMERIGHT
104 of Haydn's are numbered: Abbr SYMS
115-Down offense DWI
11th-century year MLI
1840s White House family TYLERS
1966 #1 hit for The Association CHERISH
A typical one for the 35-Across can be found in the first words of the answers to starred clues MNEMONIC
Allowed LEGAL
Alluring SEXY
AOL alternative GMAIL
Apple and Google started in them GARAGES
Arizona opponent in a landmark Supreme Court case MIRANDA
Arrive, as clouds ROLLIN
Australia's __ Rock AYERS
Beethoven honoree ELISE
Biblical baptist JOHN
Bluish green TEAL
Book describing the fall of Nineveh NAHUM
Botanical cover ARIL
Both Arnaz guys DESIS
Burpee product SEED
Butler with "a cynical humor in his mouth" RHETT
BWI posting ETA
Carrot nutrient VITAMINA
Categorically state AVER
Certain Prot EPISC
Check out, as a joint CASE
Chopped down HEWN
Cold response SHIVER
Contribute ADDIN
Cornmeal loaves PONES
Crew chief COX
Dam city ASWAN
DNA structure HELIX
Doo-wop syllables DUMS
Dune buggy, e.g., briefly ATV
Ending with cup OLA
Environmental activist ECOWARRIOR
Exasperated FEDUP
Excavate again REDIG
Familiar octet PLANETS
Foe of Chiang MAO
Formula One sound VROOM
Founders SINKS
Frequent flier's malady? AVIANFLU
Friend ALLY
Get conned BEHAD
Gets it SEES
Hammett hound ASTA
Handle badly MISMANAGE
Hilo his ALOHAS
It may contain regrets RSVP
Japanese comics MANGA
Jersey casino, with "The" TAJ
Keep an __ the ground EARTO
Kind of agt GOVT
Kind of cow? CASH
Kubla Khan's palace XANADU
Lacking originality UNCREATIVE
Latin bears URSAE
Like Brahms' Third INF
Like typical snowflakes HEXAGONAL
Linden tree Basswood
Lured (in) ROPED
Macon university MERCER
Meet partner GREET
More than think KNOW
Moving about ASTIR
Mythological heaven ELYSIUM
Nonnative Hawaiian HAOLE
NSA wiretap challenger ACLU
One scouring the junkyard RUMMAGER
One using salt, perhaps CURER
Pacific Coast or Alaska: Abbr HWY
Pianist Watts ANDRE
Pot holder CHEF
Prohibitive words MUSTNOT
Record collection DATABASE
Rejoice EXULT
Renaissance fiddle REBEC
Riyadh natives SAUDIS
Roombas, briefly VACS
Rounded roof DOME
Russian city east of Kiev OREL
Sci-fi transport HOVERCAR
Shakespearean prince HAL
Sheltered at sea ALEE
Shore thing SAND
Sigma follower TAU
Sister of Luke LEIA
Snoopy-Red Baron conflict, e.g AIRWAR
South Korean president, 1948-1960 RHEE
Speaks for spirits CHANNELS
Stereotypical computer whiz NERD
Stiller's mom MEARA
Storm harbinger CLAP
Street __ CRED
Subject of a 1989 international trade ban IVORY
Sugar source CANE
Swamp thing REED
Sweden : Sverige :: Norway : __ NORGE
Take __: try the pool ADIP
Tax season VIP CPA
Tending to ooze SEEPY
Unleaded? DECAF
Unwilling to listen DEAF
Valued geologic mass OREBODY
Violinist Louis who invented the chinrest SPOHR
Way back when AGESAGO
When Shabbat begins FRIDAY
Where cruise ships go TOSEA
Where or when attachment EVER
Where some precious metal may be exchanged ALTAR
Whiskered swimmer OTTER
Word repeated before "sis" RAH
Work on the road PAVE