L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - August 20, 2015

Clue Answer
"Help! We're sinking!" SOS
"Pencils down!" TIME
"Star Wars" title DARTH
"Telephone Line" rock gp ELO
"The Simpsons" disco guy STU
"Too many to list": Abbr ETC
"__ go, into ... " OFFWE
'70s-'80s tennis star Tanner ROSCOE
*"Heaven Can Wait" (1978) Oscar nominee Jack WARDEN
*Former Ford compact ESCORT
*German __ SHEPHERD
*Hypnotist's prop WATCH
*Lawyer, at times DEFENDER
*Orlando newspaper SENTINEL
*Regulation-sized fish KEEPER
Abysmal HORRID
Actress Joanne DRU
Arctic bird AUK
Ascribed, as blame LAID
Barrette target TRESS
Blissful EDENIC
Boggy tract MORASS
Carpentry tools ADZES
Cinque times due DIECI
Coast-to-coast hwy ITEN
Cocoon dweller LARVA
Come to the rescue of AID
Considered figures carefully? OGLED
Defamatory text LIBEL
Determined GRITTY
Director Kazan ELIA
Duma votes NYETS
Egyptian symbol of life ANKH
ER vitals BPS
Fertile Crescent land SYRIA
Get too close to CROWD
Grammar best-seller "Woe __" ISI
Halifax hrs AST
Historic Honolulu palace IOLANI
JFK's UN ambassador AES
Last degree NTH
Like much court evidence FORENSIC
Like some wit or wine DRY
Low island CAY
Mai __ TAI
March time IDES
Mayall of "Drop Dead Fred" RIK
Millennium-ending year ONEBC
Month after Shevat ADAR
More kittenish FRISKIER
Most unemotional STONIEST
NFL six-pointers TDS
Night school subj ESL
Not even ODD
Optical device LENS
Poetic adverb EER
Pokes fun at RIBS
Poor grade DEE
Prefix with biology ETHNO
Put in one's two cents OPINE
Rankle IRK
Reward in a jar TIP
Rodeo catcher LASSO
School area workers, and what the four pairs of intersecting starred answers depict CROSSINGGUARDS
Shocked letters OMG
Stahl of "60 Minutes" LESLEY
Star sometimes eclipsing Venus? SERENA
Steal ... or the one who catches the thief COP
Strip, as of rights DIVEST
Terms for a student loan SEMESTERS
This, in Toledo ESTO
Top level ATTIC
URL ending ORG
Verdi aria ERITU
War of 1812 commodore ISAACHULL
Yoga instructor's direction INHALE
__ Fighters: Dave Grohl's band FOO
__ Miss OLE