L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers - August 18, 2015

Clue Answer
"48 HRS." law gp SFPD
"As if!" ILLBET
"Girls" cable channel HBO
"I got it!" EUREKA
"Well, shucks!" OHGEE
*"Well said!" HEARHEAR
*1969 #1 hit used in a cereal promotion SUGARSUGAR
*Arctic carnivore POLARBEAR
*Gelatin made from algae AGARAGAR
*Period between consecutive spring equinoxes SOLARYEAR
*Puréed fruit drink PEARNECTAR
Actor Brynner YUL
Airport with many connecting flights HUB
Anti-Union figures REBS
Autumn bloom ASTER
Bases loaded opportunity GRANDSLAM
Bing search results, for short URLS
Blockhead SCHMO
Breaks bread EATS
Brian who co-produced many U2 albums ENO
Brief broadcast clip SOUNDBITE
Canadian tribe CREE
Cholesterol check, e.g LABTEST
Chowder morsel CLAM
Citrus juice extractor REAMER
Cling (to) ADHERE
Cylindrical caramel candy ROLO
Distributed cards DEALT
Egg on URGE
Entitled to the entire estate, as an heir SOLE
Expo freebie, often TOTE
Fodder for a mill GRIST
French darling CHERI
Garter material LACE
German article DER
Half a giggle HEE
Herbal drink TEA
Highest deck quartet ACES
Home for mil. jets AFB
La __ Tar Pits BREA
Level of learning GRADE
Like raffle drawings RANDOM
Little bark YIP
Major artery AORTA
Major event in golf or tennis USOPEN
Make available, as time FREEUP
Messy campfire treats SMORES
Mideast bigwig EMIR
Mo. summer hrs CDT
More intimate CLOSER
Not very chatty TERSE
Org. with a "Speak Freely" blog ACLU
Outward flow EBB
Post office buy STAMP
Postal motto word NOR
Reference book tidbit FACT
Rep.'s counterpart DEM
School meeting org PTA
Seth of "Pineapple Express" ROGEN
Shout from a knocker ITSME
Slangy turnaround UEY
Smooth-talking GLIB
Some August births, astrologically LEOS
Somewhat ABIT
Spicy lentil stew DAL
Strong-arm COERCE
Tax shelter initials IRA
Texas mission ALAMO
Trinidad and __ TOBAGO
Tyke KID
Unpaid debts ... or, read differently, what both parts of the answers to starred clues have? ARREARS
Veggie often in fried rice PEA
Viewpoint ASPECT
Where the heart is? HOME
Wrestler Flair RIC
__ Lingus AER
__-Lorraine: former German region ALSACE