January 25 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Close, but no cigar"NICETRY
"Far out!"NEAT
"I wish I could"SADLYNO
"Major Crimes" networkTNT
"Pay attention, man!" ... and, in a different way, what the end of each answer to a starred clue refers toDIGIT
"Ready are you? What know you of ready?" speakerYODA
"Science of Logic" author GeorgHEGEL
"So THAT's what's going on here!"OHO
"Star Wars" extrasETS
*"C'mon, loosen up!"LIVEALITTLE
*General principleRULEOFTHUMB
*Market measureSTOCKINDEX
*Place for lefts and rightsBOXINGRING
Arizona landformsMESAS
Big name in big rigsMACK
Bit of band gearAMP
Blanc heard but not seenMEL
Boy in "Star Wars" prequel filmsANI
Branch quartersNESTS
Bygone muscle carGTO
Cat dish tidbitKIBBLE
Certain string musician's needVIOLABOW
Danish fruitPRUNE
Dating fromASOF
Do penanceATONE
Elementary bitATOM
Family nicknameGRAN
First responderMEDIC
French president HollandeFRANCOIS
Gun, as a V8REV
Holiday visitorINLAW
It borders the Fla. panhandleALA
Japanese sashOBI
John of The Red Piano TourELTON
Longtime "At the Movies" co-hostEBERT
Low in fatLEAN
Maker of ColorQube printersXEROX
Medit. countryISR
Milo of "Barbarella"OSHEA
Muslim veilHIJAB
Nasal spray brandAFRIN
One bitATALL
One-named singer portrayed by Jennifer Lopez in a 1997 filmSELENA
Orchard treesPEARS
Organizes from best to worst, saySORTS
Parishioner's pledgeTITHE
PD alertAPB
Philadelphia proEAGLE
Plopped down next toSATBESIDE
Pony Express concernMAIL
Put a spell onHEX
Roman fountainTREVI
Sees redBOILS
Shake upJAR
Shy person's note?IOU
Sister of CalliopeERATO
Small snickerHEE
Stack under a tarpLOGS
Stockholder's assets?COWS
Strikes throughXSOUT
Supermodel BanksTYRA
Trendy boot brandUGG
Vocalist JamesETTA
Water nymphNAIAD
Word of passioneCARA