February 9 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Another word for nothin' left to lose," in a Joplin hitFREEDOM
"Hamlet, thou art slain" speakerLAERTES
"Oh, now __ it!"IGET
"Rock and Roll All __": Kiss hitNITE
"The Good Dinosaur" dinosaurARLO
"The Princess Diaries" princessMIA
1969 hit song by a group of 60-Across?NEXTMAGICMOMENT
Actress Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy"SARA
All-in-one vacationCRUISE
Aromatherapy arrayOILS
Basic class with easelsARTI
Big name in big tractorsDEERE
Bothered a lotATEAT
Campus groupsFRATS
Canned meat used in Hawaiian cuisineSPAM
Castle defenseMOAT
Center of moral corruptionCESSPOOL
Centipede home?ARCADE
Clumsy typeOAF
Cool, onceHEP
Custardy dessertFLAN
Do maintained with a pickAFRO
Dough for ramen?YEN
Down with somethingILL
Dream state lettersREM
Eliot's weaverMARNER
Founder of TaoismLAOTZU
Fronded plantsFERNS
Genetic messenger moleculeRNA
Kids' summer activityDAYCAMP
Like bread knivesSERRATE
Mediocre marksCEES
Mideast sultanateOMAN
Much of "Star Wars" FXCGI
Newspaper with a staff of 60-Across?USATOMORROW
Ode prepositionERE
Off-putting sorts?PROCRASTINATORS
Other, south of the borderOTRA
Outmoded public conveniencePAYPHONE
PDX info: AbbrARR
Photo app effectSEPIA
Pie choiceALAMODE
Political __ARENA
QB's mishapINT
Reddish horseROAN
Siegfried collaboratorROY
Sonnet, e.gPOEM
Source of cartoon explosivesACME
Sport for Ronda Rousey, for shortMMA
Sporty truck, brieflyUTE
Square __ONE
Subj. for a non-native speakerESL
Technical foul signal, in basketballTEE
Tetris shapeELL
The Scooby gang's Mystery Machine, e.gVAN
Thrown for a loopDAZED
Tiny time pdNSEC
Traveler's aidVEHICLE
TV show with mashupsGLEE
Twisty-horned antelopeELAND
Wanted oneOUTLAW
War film with a cast of 60-Across?APOCALYPSELATER
West ender?ERN
Write in code?PROGRAM
__ AvivTEL
__ d'AleneCOEUR
__ Michele, 8-Down co-starLEA
__-top: Beatles' styleMOP