February 22 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"... man __ mouse?"ORA
*Chard, by another nameSILVERBEET
*Fictional road materialYELLOWBRICK
*Floral papal ornamentGOLDENROSE
*One with noble lineageBLUEBLOOD
Angrily ignoring the first half of the answers to starred clues?SEEINGRED
Barely advancesCRAWLS
Big name in vision careLOMB
Bookshelf bracket shapeELL
Brewery kilnOAST
Brought aboutLEDTO
Chowder morselCLAM
Class requiring little effortEASYA
Clogs from FranceSABOTS
Color in a Spanish rainbowROJO
Corn Belt towerSILO
Crock-Pot serverLADLE
Distant and then someALIEN
Ecclesiastical councilSYNOD
Elec. or waterUTIL
End __USER
Family carSEDAN
Financial helpLOAN
Fish __TACO
Fort with billions in bullionKNOX
French novelist ZolaEMILE
Go out on a limbRISKIT
History class assignmentESSAY
Homer's neighborNED
Input for a refineryCRUDE
Jacob's wife before RachelLEAH
James with three NBA titlesLEBRON
Kind of evidenceTRACE
Latin I verbAMAT
Like "Stranger Things," e.gEERIE
Luck, pluck or duck endingIEST
Many future presidents, as it turned outVEEPS
Marine shadeAQUA
Metaphorical moments of timeSANDS
Minute quantityDROP
Moscow currencyRUBLE
Necessity for a game of UltimateFRISBEE
Neurologist's order, brieflyEEG
Of a battery terminalANODAL
Pal of Nancy, in comicsROLLO
Part of D.A.: AbbrATT
Pop-up foul-upERROR
Portable Mongolian dwellingsYURTS
Preference indicatorVOTE
Prefix with conNEO
Pulitzer-winning novelist JenniferEGAN
Recurring themeMOTIF
Religion of BasraISLAM
Religious prefixTHEO
Renaissance painter __ della FrancescaPIERO
Riyadh residentSAUDI
Shade of grayASH
Shade of grayPEARL
Simple dwellingHUT
Skin, but not bonesORGAN
Slangy poundsQUID
Slept like __ALOG
Slightly openAJAR
Spot for an AirPodEAR
Stars and Stripes land: AbbrUSA
Stereotypical family spoilerNANA
Surface layersVENEERS
Take the helmSTEER
Tenerife, por ejemploISLA
Tomato productPUREE
Tunnel out, maybeESCAPE
Word of amoreCARA
__ a clueHASNT
__-Coburg: former Bavarian duchySAXE