December 18 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"All that is or ever was or ever will be": SaganCOSMOS
"Baseball is __ percent mental. The other half is physical": Yogi BerraNINETY
"Doesn't do much for me"MEH
"I see"AHSO
"Mercury" coinsDIMES
"Oh gee"DEARME
"The Da Vinci Code" priorySION
"Very funny"HAHA
"Wicked Game" singer ChrisISAAK
"__ want for Christmas ... "ALLI
'40s Giant managerOTT
*"Sweet Love" R&B singerANITABAKER
*Annual postseason game played in ArizonaFIESTABOWL
*Be blessed by Lady LuckGETABREAK
*Lots oppositeNOTABIT
*Middle Eastern staplePITABREAD
*Traveled to Europe, sayWENTABROAD
122-Across userSALON
2016 FedExCup winner McIlroyRORY
Alarm soundsCLANGS
Alice's workplaceDINER
Aphrodite's loveADONIS
Arnaz-Ball collaborationDESILU
Author WieselELIE
Auto suspension componentSTRUT
Big name in civil rightsCORETTA
Big name in gamingHARRAH
Capriciously, with "on"AWHIM
Carbon compoundENOL
Caribbean destinationARUBA
Chaotic situationTUMULT
Charlemagne's domain: AbbrHRE
Clothing store sectionGIRLS
Color named for a flowerLILAC
Comes clean aboutADMITS
Court matterRES
Decisive parts of some NFL gamesOTS
Demagogue, e.gRANTER
Disguised, for shortINCOG
Distress lettersSOS
Does as humans do?ERRS
Dresses downCHASTISES
Edmonton skatersOILERS
Eponymous electrical unitsFARADS
Explorer Ponce __DELEON
Fall behindLAG
Fishing netsSEINES
Floor in la maisonETAGE
Former TWA ownerICAHN
Former Uh-Oh! cookies, now called GoldenOREOS
Fried rice veggiePEA
Fruit in a Poitier titleRAISIN
Future tweeterEGG
Garden plotBED
Gather bit by bitGLEAN
Get fewer votes thanLOSETO
Grammar subjectUSAGE
Half-moon tideNEAP
Ham's responseWILCO
Hangout for the Dark Knight, and for creatures in the answers to starred cluesBATCAVE
Hint of colorTINGE
Hunk's prideBOD
Hurler's statERA
Indian dignitariesRAJAHS
Knighted composerELGAR
Korean importsKIAS
Lacrosse positionGOALIE
Lascivious lookLEER
Last check, maybeSEVERANCE
Lemon-lime drinkSPRITE
Like "Et tu, Brute?"CAESAREAN
Like architectural drawingsINSCALE
Like the flight of a boomerangARCED
Liquid measuresLITERS
Little pigs, e.gTRIO
Lock fixersGELS
Marketing of pieces?ARMSSALE
Mars or VenusORB
More diaphanousSHEERER
Mouthy munchkinsBRATS
Muckrakers' subjectsSCANDALS
NYC dance companyABT
Often harmful bacteriaECOLI
One way to sitSTILL
Per personEACH
Pipe materialCOB
Places to raise doughOVENS
Poitier title roleTIBBS
Portraitist Charles and his artist sonsPEALES
Raw fish dishSUSHI
Red choiceCLARET
Residential endingITE
Result of a leadoff singleONEON
Rock formations that often meet in dark places, as illustrated hereSTALACTITETIMGALATS
Scornful lookSNEER
Shapiro of NPRARI
Sherpa, usuallyNEPALI
Shoulder neighborRIGHTLANE
Sigourney's "Gorillas in the Mist" roleDIAN
Skin coloring, briefly?TAT
Some audio booksCDS
Space fillers?GASSES
Spanish airlineIBERIA
Spice holdersRACKS
Stadium cheerRAH
Strauss waltz subjectDANUBE
Strong windGALE
Tabloid twosomeITEM
Terrible turnoutNOONE
The Rams of the Atlantic 10 ConfURI
Title awarded only once to a New Englander (Connecticut, 1933)MISSAMERICA
Title in a Poitier titleSIR
To be safeINCASE
Track officialTIMER
Trials for aspiring D.A.'sLSATS
Turtle of comics and filmNINJA
TV classic "__ Three Lives"ILED
Type of air passageNASAL
U.S. global monitorNSA
Vampire's daybedCASKET
Where Tibet isASIA
Yoko from TokyoONO
Young __: political reformerTURK
__ nerveOPTIC
__ SketchETCHA