December 11 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Blurred Lines" singerROBINTHICKE
"Divergent" films heroineTRIS
"Don't sweat it!"RELAX
"Inferiority complex" coiner AlfredADLER
"Is that really your opinion?"THINKSO
"Mr. November," for Derek Jeter, e.gMONIKER
"Never heard of them"WHO
"O Pioneers!" author CatherWILLA
"__ does it!"THAT
Aggressive poker table wordsIRAISE
Air circulatorFAN
Apple computerMAC
Baby goatKID
Bird's snackSEED
Capital of YemenSANAA
Civil War side: AbbrCSA
Color of most pomegranate seedsRED
Complain with self-pityWHINE
Country singer SteveEARLE
Cushions for gymnastsMATS
Dance for which "it takes two"TANGO
Deborah of "The King and I"KERR
Doe or stagDEER
Doing nothingIDLE
Dragged to courtSUED
Drinks slowlySIPS
Duffer's dreamACE
End of a school addressEDU
Every bitALL
Exile island for NapoleonELBA
Final Four orgNCAA
Garment fittingly represented by this puzzle's circlesOUTERWEAR
Genesis paradiseEDEN
Gift-wrapping needCLEARTAPE
Goes badROTS
Golf great ErnieELS
Guard's shoutHALT
Half a scoreTEN
Hall's pop music partnerOATES
Home for a prideLIONSDEN
JPEG relativeGIF
Large First Nations tribeCREE
Last Greek letterOMEGA
Leisurely gaitTROT
Light-bulb momentsAHAS
Little piggyTOE
Malt beverageALE
Meddling type of "driver" who's not actually drivingBACKSEAT
Mountaineer's toolICEAX
Narnia creatorCSLEWIS
Not wavering in the leastSURE
One of many that fall in the fallLEAF
Outdoor lot for carsPARKINGAREA
Paternity test sitesDNALABS
Place of rapid growthHOTBED
Prune, as a branchLOP
Put pen to paperWRITE
Quotable boxerALI
Rectangular AppleIPAD
Rep.'s campaign rivalDEM
Rowdy crowdsMOBS
Salad oil bottlesCRUETS
School in the smallest U.S. stateURI
School near WindsorETON
Signed in penINKED
Sports page newsTRADE
Staying powerSTAMINA
Student's repetitive cry with a raised handOHOH
Thirds of a yardFEET
Tiny speckDOT
Title for a knightSIR
Tooted one's hornHONKED
TV host LakeRICKI
Unifying ideaTHEME