August 28 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"I've got the tab"ONME
"In other words ... "IMEAN
"In __ of gifts ... "LIEU
"The fresh air is delightful!"AAH
"Wonderfilled" cookieOREO
Advanced degrees: AbbrPHDS
Anti-discrimination orgNAACP
Arizona county or its seatYUMA
Artist's digsLOFT
Beauty pageant bandSASH
Beverage nutKOLA
Black & Decker rivalSKIL
Body wrap offererSPA
Brings in from the fieldREAPS
Call forNEED
Camper's dessertSMORE
Celebrity chef BurrellANNE
Clawed crawlerCRAB
Comes out withSAYS
Couture monthlyELLE
Dating fromASOF
Decoratively patterned fabricTOILE
Decorator's assetTASTE
Director KazanELIA
Drinks with crumpetsTEAS
Embarrassing shirt-pocket stainINK
Exchange ringsWED
Exploit a situation for personal wealthFEATHERONESNEST
Extra NFL periodsOTS
Feels remorse overRUES
Fleshy fruitPOME
Flooring calculationAREA
For you and meOURS
Former "American Idol" judge AbdulPAULA
German steel townESSEN
Give the band a handCLAP
Go here and thereROAM
Golf raritiesACES
Has little significance ... and to all intents and purposes, what the first word of 17-, 27- and 48-Across doesCARRIESNOWEIGHT
Hit song from "Flashdance"MANIAC
Identity-concealing nameALIAS
Inside racetrack infoHOTTIP
iPod downloadTUNE
Isla surrounderAGUA
Large final loan remittanceBALLOONPAYMENT
Like foods for a low-sodium dietSALTFREE
Like some art class modelsNUDE
Loaf in a deliRYE
Membership feesDUES
Not experienced inNEWAT
Not worth a __SOU
On a single occasionONCE
Performs a full-body scan on?OGLES
Personal quirkTIC
Places for lacesSHOES
Plastering stripLATH
Range above tenorALTO
Roger of NBC NewsONEIL
Shocked reactionGASP
Sinks out of sight, as the sunSETS
Ski resort transportsGONDOLAS
Sock awayAMASS
Soup aisle containerCAN
Staircase unitSTEP
State Farm's busINS
Textured overhead interior feature in some homesPOPCORNCEILING
Tofu sourceSOY
Volcano edgeRIM
Walk-on roleCAMEO
Watching closelyEYEING
Wild way to runAMOK
Willie of countryNELSON
Works on a seamSEWS
Yr.-end consultantsCPAS