August 27 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

''Arrowsmith'' authorLEWIS
''Be right with you''ONESEC
''Divine Comedy'' writerDANTE
''Familia'' memberTIO
''From Here to Eternity'' authorJAMESJONES
''Get outta here!''SHOO
''I should say __!''NOT
All thumbsINEPT
Badlands elevationsMESAS
Bibliography phraseETALIA
Big brand of blocksLEGO
Big name in trucksMACK
Bivouac setupTENT
Blow one's stackERUPT
Blunted bladeEPEE
Bride's acquisitionINLAW
Burden of proofONUS
Bus schedule listingSTOP
Business behemothsGOLIATHS
Call for helpSOS
Capital of JapanYEN
Casino cubeDIE
Castle on a squareROOK
Cedar cousinLARCH
Ceramists' ovensKILNS
Choose to participateOPTIN
Christmas carol sextetGEESE
City north of IndianapolisKOKOMO
Common retail starting hrNINEAM
CPR learnerEMT
Cry out loudBAWL
Curator's deg., perhapsMFA
Data storage deviceDISC
Decides to learn fromASKS
Dilemma metaphorJAWS
Director of the first two Potter filmsCHRISCOLUMBUS
Don't goREMAIN
Don't takeLEAVE
Dreadlocks wearerRASTA
Dressing selectionRANCH
Eagles' orgBSA
Eerie feelingDEJAVU
Eight-time Best Actor nomineeOTOOLE
Elongated swimmersEELS
ET carriersUFOS
European evergreenOLIVETREE
Fabric rollsBOLTS
Fake drakeDECOY
Father of ZeusCRONUS
Feigned feelingsEMOTED
Fine for fareEDIBLE
For fear thatLEST
Formally chargeINDICT
Former Heat starONEAL
Former MGM rivalRKO
Fountain fareCOLA
Gender abbrMASC
Get ready to blow one's stackBOIL
Getting ready to golfTEEING
Giant of Victorian literatureCHARLESDICKENS
Gourmet mushroomsMORELS
Great white shark kinMAKO
Gulf Coast portMOBILE
Hair Beyoncé has hadAFRO
High fashion monogramYSL
Hoof soundsCLOPS
Its high school teams are the WitchesSALEM
Jazz trumpeter iconMILESDAVIS
Jersey's jointSEAM
KitchenAid competitorOSTER
Layer of extra-large eggsEMU
Less than forthcomingCOY
Lose altitudeSINK
Major 32 Down outingCAMPOREE
Many miles awayAFAR
Map featureSCALE
Marsh waderHERON
Milking machine attachmentUDDER
Miraculous fareMANNA
Most sparseFEWEST
Mrs. JupiterJUNO
Norwegian playwrightIBSEN
Not worth debatingMOOT
Novelist SholemASCH
October to May, in the NegevRAINYSEASON
Of public revenuesFISCAL
Off the shipASHORE
Office space contractLEASE
Opposite of ''avec''SANS
Optimistic assertionICAN
Orange tuberYAM
Part of 101 AcrossARTS
Part of many brewpub namesALES
Peanut butter amtTBSP
Pixar title robotWALLE
Planning, for shortPREP
PR peopleAGTS
Prefix for busOMNI
Pro bono TV adPSA
Property crimeARSON
Reach successfullyATTAIN
Ready to blow one's stackIRATE
Relatively unclutteredOPEN
Resistance measuresOHMS
Rise suddenlyJUMP
Run __ of (conflict with)AFOUL
Running trackOVAL
Say more aboutENLARGEUPON
Sched. placeholderTBA
SeaWorld performerSHAMU
Shipping hazardREEF
Shout of surpriseHOLYSMOKE
Singer KrallDIANA
Slow-cooked entréePOTROAST
Song syllableTRA
Sounds of disappointmentTSKS
Soup seasoningMARJORAM
Source of ancient fablesAESOP
Sources of shadeELMS
Spoken outORAL
Sports replay speedSLOMO
Subjects to strainTRIES
Sway unsteadilyTOTTER
Swear toAVOW
Type of oval pillCAPLET
UN observer groupPLO
University of Florida athleteGATOR
Utopian placeEDEN
Venerated personIDOL
Wilson Supreme Court appointeeLOUISBRANDEIS
Wonka creatorDAHL
Word processor shortcutMACRO
Yonder yawlSHE