August 18 2017 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"An Enemy of the People" playwrightIBSEN
"Fairest of creation," in a Milton classicEVE
"Taking that as a given ... "IFSO
"The Big Sleep" genreNOIR
'90s-'00s sci-fi hit ... or what this puzzle's circles graphically depictTHEXFILES
1962 "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" singerMONROE
2006 demotionPLUTO
About to receiveINFOR
Act as lookout, sayABET
Bread componentCARB
Civilian garbMUFTI
Comfortable (with)ATEASE
Company that survived Canada's ProhibitionLABATT
Copier room quantityREAM
Court callLET
Dawn goddessEOS
Diamond plateHOME
Dicey situationBADSPOT
Disney character who sings, "The cold never bothered me anyway"ELSA
Down timeLEISURE
Editor's afterthoughtSTET
Engages with boldnessACCOSTS
Enjoys a buffet, usuallyEATSOUT
Euripides tragedyMEDEA
Even less given to emotionICIER
Farm structureGRAINSILO
Fla. resortBOCA
Forward attitudeNERVE
Furtive sortsSPIES
Garlic relativeLEEK
Go Fish requestTENS
Golf chip pathARC
Heracles' belovedIOLE
Holden Caulfield, for oneTEEN
Hosp. areasORS
Inaccurate introduction?MIS
Jan. honoreeMLK
Leave in disarray, probablyRIFLE
Makes joyousUPLIFTS
Minuteman Statue cityLEXINGTON
Natural resourceOIL
Not to be wastedUSABLE
Old plucked stringsLYRE
Orbiting research facility: AbbrISS
Order to SpotSTAY
Paint thinner solventACETONE
Pair in the score for Beethoven's FifthOBOES
Partner of cienciasARTES
Physics unitERG
Pizzeria chainUNO
Quantum of solace?SOFTC
Rural road trackRUT
Shut off completely, as lightsKILLED
Skewer relativePRONG
Sound check itemAMP
Stage employeePROPMAN
Stick dwellingsNESTS
Sugar sourceBEETS
Suggests an alternativeDIFFERS
Tequila sunrise directionESTE
Time long pastYORE
Toy used on flightsSLINKY
Trident-shaped lettersPSIS
Turns red, maybeRUSTS
Very littleADAB
Visiting PimlicoATARACE
Walk-in joint?KNEE
Wells raceELOI
Went downSANK
Woofer's output?ARF
__ counselingMARITAL
__ crossTAU