April 9 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"C'mon, be __!"APAL
"City of the Beasts" author AllendeISABEL
"Downton Abbey" titleEARL
"Draft Dodger Rag" folk singerOCHS
"More than I care to know"TMI
"The Well-Tempered Clavier" composerJSBACH
"__ Declassified School Survival Guide": 2000s Nickelodeon sitcomNEDS
2016 College Football Playoff champBAMA
Ain't right?ISNT
Ammo for MoePIES
Bad temperSPLEEN
Bear's callSELL
Brad's exJEN
Carried awayELATED
Catkin bearerPUSSYWILLOW
Clothing material for John the BaptistCAMELSHAIR
Comical MarthaRAYE
Data lead-inMETA
Didn't reach logically, with "to"LEAPT
Dissenting groupSECT
Earth pigmentOCHRE
Eastern sashOBI
Flier to SundsvallSAS
Flowerlike marine creatureSEAANEMONE
Focus of 1972 environmental legislationCLEANWATER
Get itSEE
Guy de Maupassant novelBELAMI
High-speed lettersDSL
Ice cream parlor purchaseCONE
Immortal Bears coachHALAS
In a state of endless conflictSTRIFETORN
In abundance, in slangUPTHEWAZOO
Infect with the T-virus, in "Resident Evil" filmsZOMBIFY
International accordENTENTE
JFK Library architectPEI
Latin 101 wordERAT
Loadable confectionsPEZ
Marx Brothers settingOPERAHOUSE
Melody and Millie, to Minnie MouseNIECES
Mine yieldSALT
Most lemonySOUREST
Near-pointless swordplay?EPEE
No more thanMERE
One on a lotAUTO
Peloponnesian War sideSPARTA
Persuaded, with "over"WON
Rapping soundRATATATTAT
Romans and countrymen: AbbrITALS
Sea of __, south of UkraineAZOV
Singer Carly __ JepsenRAE
Stub __ATOE
Subway optionLOCAL
Suddenly involved (in)SWEPTUP
Things that come in pairsTWOS
Tommy Pickles' younger brother on "Rugrats"DIL
Vitamin A formRETINOL
Went ballisticLOSTCONTROL
Western sound effectCLOP
Wood stripLATH
Word with air or bedHOT
Worked in a bedHOED
Worked on the roadPAVED
You can count on itTALLYSHEET