April 21 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Big Brother" creatorORWELL
"Grey's Anatomy" airerABC
"Intervention" channelAANDE
"Sorry, we're full" signSRO
*Unit in a bowlLUMPOFSUGAR
*Website for do-it-yourselfersWIKIHOW
A conspicuous position, with "the"FORE
As above, in a footnoteIDEM
Athlete nicknamed "O Rei do Futebol"PELE
Bothersome bugsLICE
Chemical endingIDE
College athleteJOCK
Completely incorrectALLWET
Corn __BELT
David's role on "Frasier"NILES
Davis of "A League of Their Own"GEENA
Degs. for writersMFAS
Don't botherLETBE
Eponymous trailblazer ChisholmJESSE
Exercise result, all too oftenSORENESS
Expression for OzymandiasSNEER
Fall noisemakersBLOWERS
Family with several notable composersBACHS
Half a scoreTEN
Kept in reserveSTORED
Key of the first two Brandenburg Concertos: AbbrFMAJ
Lamp output, if you're luckyGENIE
Later yearsOLDAGE
Latin 101 wordAMAT
LAX datumETA
Layered rockSHALE
Le cinquième moisMAI
Look overEYE
Made the last move, in a wayMATED
Make fun ofJEERAT
Man-mouse connectorORA
Mixgetränk cubeEIS
Name of more than 5,000 U.S. streetsELM
Neckwear denoting affiliationCLUBTIE
Nikon competitorLEICA
Non-shaving razor name?OCCAM
Old French coinECU
One in ParisUNE
Pub quaffsALES
Road to the ForumITER
Roger Clemens, for oneACE
Rose supportTRELLIS
San Antonio landmarkALAMO
Scrooge wordBAH
Secures, as a victoryICES
Set boundariesDELIMIT
Sherlock Holmes enemy Colonel Sebastian __MORAN
Sign of forgetfulnessLAPSE
Singer LovettLYLE
Skins to removePEELS
Southwestern sightMESA
Sportscast stapleSLOMO
Strikes may cross itHOME
Suffix with globULE
Tasty mélange ... and a literal hint to the starts of the answers to starred cluesMIXEDFRUIT
Test releaseBETA
Thrice, in Rx'sTER
Tour de France, e.gBIKERACE
UCLA Bruins coach JimMORA
Verne captainNEMO
Western defense gpOAS
Zoo sightCAGE