April 20 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"Star Wars" staplesETS
"Unhand me!"LETGO
"__ go!"GOTTA
Antelope Island stateUTAH
Arabian Peninsula portADEN
Baby beaverKIT
Bakes, as 50-AcrossesSHIRRS
Basic question typeYESNO
Bistro offeringCARTE
Braking soundsSCREECHES
Breakfast foodEGG
Chorus syllablesLALA
Clean Air Act administrative gpEPA
Compete in a boxBAT
Deal with interestLOAN
Exit poll targetVOTER
Extremely well-pitchedNOHIT
Eye partCORNEA
Falco of "Oz"EDIE
Farm youngsterCALF
French 101 verbETRE
Friend of TiggerPOOH
Get one's feet wetWADE
Give __ to: approveANOD
Good, in GranadaBUENO
Gray shadeASH
Heads, in slangNOBS
High-ranking NCOSGTMAJ
Industry honchoBARON
Is unable toCANNOT
Japanese finger foodSUSHI
Jellied garnishASPIC
Killed, as a dragonSLAIN
Lesson at the endMORAL
Like the Sherman ActANTITRUST
Man Ray genreDADA
Medication used for dilating pupilsATROPINE
Mesozoic and PaleozoicERAS
Mouse-spotter's shriekEEK
Multilayered, as cakesTIERED
Musical finaleCODA
New Deal presFDR
Northwestern pearBOSC
One way to be takenABACK
Part of the Three Little Pigs' chantCHINNYCHINCHIN
Persian Gulf cargoCRUDE
Pot contentsTEA
Prefix with podDECA
Privy toINON
Provincetown rentalCAPECODCOTTAGE
Roast, in RouenROTI
Runs down the mountain, maybeMELTS
Slangy cravingJONES
Spanish girlCHICA
Subject for Stephen HawkingBLACKHOLE
Supermarket employeesCASHIERS
Switched onACTIVATED
Take inADOPT
Texas flag symbolSTAR
The "Original Formula," soda-wiseCOCACOLACLASSIC
They record beats per minECGS
Tie tightlySECURE
Trader for whom a northwest Oregon city was namedASTOR
Turbine bladeROTOR
Went by skateboardRODE
Wet behind the earsRAW
Wide openAGAPE
__ four: teacakePETIT
__ impasseATAN