April 15 2016 - L.A. Times Daily Crossword Answers

"A symptom of man's failure as a thinking animal": SteinbeckWAR
"Bambi" doeENA
"Hawaii Five-O" nicknameDANO
"Stir-frying is an option, too"?ICOULDUSETHEWOK
'50s pres. candidateAES
1980 Oscar winner who portrayed LorettaSISSY
9-Down openerENERO
Actor McKellenIAN
Agnus __DEI
Athens eateryTAVERNA
Award-winning political cartoonist TedRALL
Cabbage family memberBROCCOLI
Cutthroat entrepreneur?BUSINESSCAD
Deg. for drillersDDS
Demand from a Stooge fan?SHOWMEMOE
Detroit labor orgUAW
Doesn't back awayTRIESIT
Double-dealing in Delhi?INDIANCON
Exhibition funding gpNEA
First poet interred in Westminster Abbey's Poets' CornerCHAUCER
Gold rush figureASSAYER
Great Plains tribeOSAGE
Hightailed itRACED
Immobilize, in a waySPLINT
It's in many poemsTIS
Landlocked Asian nationLAOS
Le Mans lawLOI
Letters in personal columnsSWM
Lobbying gpPAC
Long of "Third Watch"NIA
Mandela's orgANC
Miss America contestants' arraySASHES
More unpleasantly moistDANKER
Munich : Jahr :: Madrid : __ANO
Neighbor of TurkSYR
Nervous __NELLIES
New Year's Eve get-togethers?DATES
No-win situationTIEGAME
Not as availableSCARCER
Oath sworn in a kosher kitchen?ABOVEALLDONOHAM
Old knivesSNEES
Place to bring a suitCABANA
Place to playARENA
Pool optionCRAWL
Put on a pedestalREVERE
Red herring, to a copBADLEAD
Room to maneuverLEEWAY
Salsa brandORTEGA
Six-time '70s Dodger All-StarCEY
Slow movementsADAGIOS
Some bank filesLOANRECORDS
Some Ivy LeaguersELIS
Something to eat in a Western?MYDUST
Wading birdAVOCET
Was googly-eyedSTARED
Where to emulate the nativesINROME
Where to view "Duck Dynasty"ONAANDE
Word with able or fullBODIED
Words with limit or trapSETA