November 12 2016 - Word Genius Daily Puzzle Answers

Word Genius: Train Your Brain Daily puzzle solutions are out for 12th November 2016. Use the Word Genius: Train Your Brain Daily cheat sheet below to solve the answers of your puzzles.

Level 1

  • ODD
About This Game:

Word genius is an amazing game designed to keep it simple at the same time takes you to a whole new level of challenges. You may find it easy at the beginning, however the moment you move forward into the game it will take you on a roller coaster of a great word jungle. If you love playing around with crosswords or any word games that allows you to swipe your fingers around the board, then you will definitely get addicted to this game. 

If you fall in trouble and need a little help on the tight spots when you play the daily puzzle answers of world genius, feel free to drop in here to gain some help and keep moving in the Word Genius game.

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